Is Woodard really more expensive than other companies?


Often times we are asked “is Woodard really more expensive” when compared to other companies. Truth is when you compare us side by side to our competitors, Woodard is competitively priced. It’s simply a perception that Woodard is expensive. When you use Woodard you’re getting a high quality, professional cleaning at a great price! We delivery Legendary Service from the most capable employees. Behind each one of our cleaning technicians if a fully staffed team to support them, providing you top-notch services.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what you pay for when you use Woodard for your residential cleaning services.

Fully Staffed to Serve You

As we mentioned, behind each of our cleaning crews is a team supporting them giving you the best customer experience possible. Supporting our crews we have our Customer Response Team who are available to answer any questions you have or to schedule your next cleaning. We also have Marketing, Training, and a Safety Team ensuring our team’s success. 

With our new normal navigating COVID-19, our Safety Team is now more important than ever to keep you and your home safe. They’re keeping everyone up to date on the latest guidelines, ensuring our staff is healthy before entering your home, and tracking their driving habits. This team’s sole purpose to ensure that everyone remains safe.

12-Steps, 1 Price

Woodard’s carpet cleaning services include a 12-step process each and every time! Our 12-steps includes moving light furniture, vacuuming, and spot cleaning. While Woodard provides these features for one single price, other companies will start with a base price and charge for every little thing.  When you compare service to service, you’ll notice that after you include everything to our competitors pricing, the price difference is not that much difference. Woodard isn’t more expensive, but more transparent about our pricing up front. For our regular price, you get so much more than you do with our competitors!

One cost you won’t find factored into our pricing is a dirty water disposal fee. The dirty water is our problem, not yours so why should you pay for it to be disposed of? Woodard will never charge you a fee for removing dirty water.

You’ll also notice that we don’t charge you per spot/stain whereas other companies do. As one of our 12-steps we pretreat stains before we begin the carpet cleaning process. (Please note that if you’d like to protect your carpet with Scotchgard, the application of that product is an additional charge.) Check in with the other guys and see if they’ll pretreat stains at no additional cost – you’ll be shocked! When you choose Woodard, you’ll get spot/stain pretreatment included since it’s part of our regular pricing! 

So, is Woodard really more expensive? Let’s keep going…

Extensive & Ongoing Training

Our cleaning technicians are not only trained when they are hired, but are regularly trained throughout their employment as well. Technicians who have been with us for 5, 10 and 15+ years receive regular, ongoing training to ensure that you are receiving the best cleaning for your carpets. In addition to providing our technicians proper training, we also provide them with the necessary tools and most up to date cleaning equipment.

Advanced Technology

Our cleaning technicians clean all your carpeting. What do I mean by we clean all your carpet?

Well, other companies just clean the surface. Our crews utilize the most advance equipment to get deep down into the roots of your carpeting. We use our industry-preferred hot water extraction method to remove soil, bugs, and bacteria from the bottom-most layer of carpets. Our hot water extraction method ensures that residue is eliminated from the surface, as well as the roots of the fibers. Check out our “How dirty are my carpets?” blog post to learn more about what’s really creeping in your carpets.

Certified Technicians

To become a certified carpet cleaning technician one must first enroll is a specific set of courses. The technician must attend a set of classes and pass a test to be certified. Unfortunately, no state requires a technician to be IICRC certified before they start cleaning. Because of this, you could potentially have someone cleaning your carpets, with no knowledge at all. They simply just bought the equipment and started cleaning. We have another blog post that goes into more details about our Certified Carpet Cleaning Services.

Do you still feel that Woodard is expensive? Can you believe everything you’re receiving for one price! Plus, we still have more to cover!

If you were to compare the other companies to Woodard would you still think “Why is Woodard more expensive?” after seeing what all goes into our price. Do other companies meet our level of service?


About Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

Woodard Cleaning & Restoration was founded in 1946 by Earl and Nancy Woodard. Today, the company is run by 3rd generation, Justin Woodard. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Woodard services the greater metro area (Illinois, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, St. Louis County, and many more). Woodard is proud to serve as the preferred provider for cleaning & restoration services. Our cleaning services include carpet, hard surface, furniture, and rug cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. We also provide water, fire, board-up, storm and smoke restoration services for residential and commercial clients. For information or questions submit a form online or call us at 314-227-3932.

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Updated 7/22/2020