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Why our restoration equipment simply works better

Dehumidifiers efficiently remove moisture
Models: PhoenixTM 200 HT | PhoenixTM 200 MAX | PhoenixTM 250 MAX | RevolutionTM LGR

Woodard’s industrial-grade dehumidifiers quickly pull excess moisture out of the air, speeding up the drying process. While most household dehumidifiers can remove between 50-70 pints of moisture per day, our units can remove upwards of 250 pints per day. Even in full saturation conditions, Woodard’s industrial air movers and fans combined with our proven water extraction methods should completely dry your space in a matter of days.

Air movers and Axial fans for faster drying
Models: Tempest® | Typhoon® | Dry Air Force 9

Air movers blow air in one direction and are ideal for drying out areas beneath carpets or rugs or inside small spaces. Axial fans, which essentially are big box fans, circulate air through a much larger space. Our commercial air movers and axial fans work alongside our dehumidifiers to completely dry out a water-damaged space.

Here’s how they work together: the dehumidifiers push out dry air while sucking in moist air. As the wet air makes its way into the humidifiers, the air movers and fans circulate the dry air being generated by the dehumidifiers – drying out the entire space more quickly.

Truck-mounted cleaning systems for power on the go
Model: Sapphire Scientific Pro-1200 SE

Our industrial truck-mounted systems provide more power and pressure (1,500 psi) than portable units, allowing us to clean more efficiently while keeping the heat generated from the unit(s) outside of your home or business. We use our truck-mounted systems, except for in cases where the hose will not reach all units of an apartment building, for example.

Setting up for minimal disruptions

Our trained technicians determine which equipment is needed for each service call. Although any restoration equipment will create noise that can temporarily disrupt your regular routine, we do our best to minimize disruptions without compromising the quality of the work.

Our dehumidifiers funnel extracted water through a hose and into a drain or waste basin. During setup, we will place a pan beneath the humidifiers to protect the floors against the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction or leak.

We ask that everyone refrain from touching the humidifiers, air movers, fans or any pieces of equipment (hoses, cords, etc.). Leaving them in place and running will ensure the most efficient dry-out process while maintaining our safety measures. Your project management team will regularly assess the site over a period of days, removing collected water and equipment as appropriate.

Expect only the best from this Restoration Affiliate

Restoration Affiliates (RA) is a national network of independent, full-service disaster restoration companies. Being an active RA member empowers us to deliver unmatched quality and service efficiently, without compromising genuine care.

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Prevent health risks and costly damage caused by mold

Our specially trained technicians will eliminate every trace of mold — as well as the headaches and structural damage it can cause.

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Equipment — what to expect and FAQs

Is this equipment noisy?

Because they are so powerful, the units are loud, but they must remain on and uninterrupted during the drying process to ensure efficient and thorough moisture removal to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

How much energy does it use?

Our dehumidifiers, air movers and fans use between 3.0 and 8.2 amps of power.

Is this equipment harmful to humans or pets?

No. The equipment itself is not harmful to any living beings. We do ask that you do not to touch equipment or electrical wires, as we place all pieces strategically to ensure sound safety protocols.