Woodard’s Signature Carpet Cleaning Process | 12-Steps to Perfection

Found in nearly every home and office across the United States, carpet is loved for its plush feel and comfortable texture.

However, carpet comes with a major downfall: keeping it clean. With kids, pets, and messy house guests, you’re probably thinking, “How am I supposed to keep my carpets clean?” Without the help of our signature 12-step carpet cleaning process and five-star topical treatments, that can be a challenge.

Woodard’s 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspect your carpeting, prior to cleaning, to identify all areas of concern, as well as high-traffic patterns and areas of concern to determine the most successful cleaning methods.
  2. Use corner guards and mats to protect flooring and walls from hoses, equipment, and chemicals.
  3. Thoroughly vacuum every square inch of carpeting to remove visible dirt and dust.
  4. Move light furniture, including sofas, chairs, and table, to treat as much carpet as possible with our signature cleaning process.
  5. Apply pre-treatment solutions to stubborn spots, stains, and spills, greatly enhancing the final cleaning results.
  6. Apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions and pre-conditioning treatments to ensure maximum soil removal.
  7. Hand-scrub the perimeter of carpet edging, and other areas in need of extra attention.
  8. Extract and rinse soil from carpets using clean, hot water to ensure residue is eliminated from the surface, as well as the roots of the fibers.
  9. Re-position furniture onto protective pads, re-setting the room back to its original layout.
  10. Groom carpet patterns to speed drying times, while creating a uniformed look.
  11. Further enhance the speed of the drying process with the help of powerful turbo-dryers.
  12. Provide a final walk-through, with you, to discuss the effectiveness of our cleaning processes and post-cleaning care instructions.

Only Woodard offers this level of service and results! Plus, after we finish the carpet cleaning process, we’ll leave you with a gift bag, filled with a bottle of Spot Out Stain Remover, shoe covers, future cleaning instructions, and so much more!

About Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

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