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woodard showing customer stainsFound in nearly every home across the United States, carpet is loved for its plush feel and comfortable texture. However, carpet comes with a slight downfall: keeping it clean. With kids, pets, and messy house guests, you’re probably thinking, “How am I supposed to keep my carpets clean?” Without the help of our signature 12-step carpet cleaning process, that can be a challenge.

When you choose Woodard, you choose the 12-steps every time without any additional charges for vacuuming, moving light furniture, or a disposal fee.

Step 1 – Pre-Inspection of Carpet

You’ll first meet your cleaning technician (aka Crew Chief)! Next, you will walk through & discuss problem areas together (this is a great opportunity to point out stains that have been driving you crazy!). We will also point out any traffic patterns that may need extra attention. Once our walkthrough is complete, we will provide you with a written estimate.

Step 2 – Protect Your Home

Before we start the cleaning, we will protect your home as if it were our own. We use corner guards to make sure our hoses don’t run across the wall and cause damage. The technician will also lay down padded mats to protect the flooring in your home.

Step 3 – Move Furniture

Our standard process for each and every job is to move the furniture in the areas we are cleaning*. There’s no need to stress about moving your furniture in and out, we’ll do it for you without being asked! Your cleaning technician will move items such as small end tables, night stands, ottomans, sofas, etc. We do ask that prior to our arrival they are cleared of any breakables such as lamps, pictures frames, or candles. In most cases, we move your furniture on slides to prevent damage to your floors. This allows us to access the areas underneath these pieces of furniture to provide you a thorough cleaning.

* Your technician will review and discuss with you what items can and cannot be moved. There is an additional cost to move larger/heavier items. Please let our team know ahead of time so we can send the appropriate cleaning crew to your home.

Step 4 – Vacuum & Spot Pretreatment

woodard technician hand scrubbing spots and stainsThere’s no need to bust out your personal vacuum and clean before our carpet cleaning technician arrives. (That seems backward to us! You hired us to clean!)  We vacuum in our 12-steps process for no additional cost!

This also gives the cleaning technician a second look at your carpet. Also included in our pricing is spot pretreatment! This means that for no additional charge to you, our technicians will take the time to address any troubling spots or stains that you have. Once they’ve assessed the spot they will use the appropriate stain removal process to work on removing the stain.

Step 5 – Pre-Condition & Agitate the Carpet

At this time we will apply the pre-condition to your carpet. Some of our pre-conditions take time to do their job properly. After the application is complete, we agitate the pre-conditioner using a counter-rotating brush or a carpet rake. This allows us to break up additional soil and remove any remaining debris that wasn’t picked up by the vacuum.

Step 6 – Address Problem Areas Along Edges

The areas along your baseboards or walls will frequently collect dirt. We will inspect, and if needed, we will hand scrub these areas to remove the soil and provide a more uniformed look.

Yes! You read that right, we will get down on our hands and knees and attack these stubborn areas. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best clean!

Step 7 – Extract With a Hot Water Rinse

crew chief carpet cleaningWe use a wand and a truck mount to hot water extract your carpeting. This removes all remaining soil in your carpet. Our hot water extraction method doesn’t just hit the surface of your carpet but get’s deep down into the roots of your carpet performing a truly deep clean. A hot water extraction cleaning method will also keep your carpet warranty valid! And don’t forget to keep your receipt, too! A carpet cleaning warranty can be voided if you don’t professionally clean every one to two years.

Step 8 – Return, Block, and Tab Furniture

The technician we will re-position previously moved furniture onto protective pads, re-setting the room back to its original layout.

Step 9 – Apply Stain Protection

scotchgard application to carpetThis step may not apply to all of our customers. The application of stain protection is a topical treatment that is an additional cost per room. We’ve built it into our 12-step process because we feel that it’s beneficial for all of our customers. When Woodard applies stain protection, we provide a 6-month spot and spill warranty! That means that if over the next 6 months if there a spot or spill that occurs, we will come back out to your home, free of charge, to address the spot or stain. This covers pet accidents, wine stains, salsa spills, or even if someone tracks a spot of something from outdoors in! If any of that happens, we will be back out to address the spots free of charge for the rooms that we treated with stain protection.

The application of stain protection will also help with maintaining your fresh, clean carpeting. It restores your carpets ability to resist stains. And makes vacuuming up dry soil easier.

Step 10 – Rapid Drying

For an extra boost in the drying process, we will place powerful turbo-dryers in areas that are needed. This will help to move air throughout the area to expedite the drying process.

Step 11 – Groom Carpet for Uniform Look

Before our final step, we groom your carpeting to give it a uniform look. This ensures that all the carpet fibers are facing the same way expediting dry time and spreading the stain protection treatment evenly across the carpet.

Step 12 – Final Walk Through

Lastly, we will perform a final walk-through with you. We will discuss the effectiveness of our cleaning processes and post-cleaning care instructions.

Only Woodard offers this level of service and results for one price! Once the cleaning is complete, we’ll leave you with a bottle of Spot Out Remover and shoe covers!

Best of all, Woodard has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Schedule your 12-step carpeting cleaning today by calling us at 314-227-3932 or submit an online form.  


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