What is Scotchgard?

What is Scotchgard™?

Scotchgard™ is a topical solution created by 3M in 1952 that is applied to carpets, rugs, and some furniture to help protect against spills, stains, and liquids.

The stain protectant is applied after your carpet cleaning. Your Woodard cleaning technician will spray the application over your carpeting. Applying Scotchgard™ will not change the look or feel of your carpeting from what you know and love. It simply helps to prevent stains when they happen (and we know they’re going to happen). The patented formula created by 3M prevents stains and dirt from going too deep into your carpeting, rugs, or upholstered furniture. The benefit of using Scotchgard™ is that it gives you time. One thing that I think we could all use more of, too! But, don’t wait too long. You still need to address the stain as it can sink into your carpets if the liquid is left untouched for long amounts of time. Ultimately, regular application of Scotchgard™ prolongs the life of your furniture, rugs and carpet — also reducing the one billion pounds of carpeting products being disposed of every year! (Save the environment, folks!)

Woodard’s Scotchgard™ Spot & Spill Guarantee

Your Woodard technician will be happy to include Scotchgard™ treatment as part of your regular cleaning. With each application, we also provide a free 6-month spot and spill warranty. So, if a new spot or stain surfaces on an area treated with Scotchgard™, we will clean it for free.

To make sure Scotchgard is included with your cleaning, be sure to mention it when scheduling. At this time we can provide an estimated price for the application. Don’t worry if you forgot to mention it, our technicians can easily include the treatment for you before or after the carpet cleaning is completed.

For more information about the benefits of Scotchgard visit our blog 5 Benefits of Using Scotchgard.


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