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Protect from permanent damage with Scotchgard™

You want your home to be clean and healthy. But shoes, spilled drinks and school projects all take a toll on your carpet, rugs and upholstery, making them hard to keep clean. You need Woodard’s protective Scotchgard™ system to help keep fabrics vivid and looking new longer.

The leader in rug, carpet and upholstery protection, Scotchgard™ fortifies fabric, making it more resilient to dirt, grime and wear from continuous vacuuming. It prevents spills from penetrating deep into the fibers, causing a permanent stain, and it has even been proven to reduce static electricity. Ultimately, regular application of Scotchgard™ prolongs the life of your furniture, rugs and carpet — also reducing the one billion pounds of carpeting products being disposed of every year!

A Woodard technician will be happy to include Scotchgard™ treatment as part of your regular cleaning service visits. With each application, we also provide a free 6-month spot and spill warranty. So, if a new spot or stain surfaces on an area treated with Scotchgard™, we will clean it for free.

With Scotchgard™ and Woodard on your side, your home will look cleaner with less maintenance in between.

Scotchgard™ protective treatment — what to expect and FAQs

How much does Scotchgard™ treatment cost?

The cost of this service depends on the size of the surface area needing treatment. A Woodard associate will provide this estimate when you schedule your service call or when you complete an estimate request.

How often should Scotchgard™ be applied?

We recommend having Scotchgard protector applied after every professional cleaning.

Is Scotchgard safe for children and pets?

Once the Scotchgard™ is dry, your carpet, rug or fabric is safe for children and pets. Please allow 2 – 4 hours for drying depending on humidity and air circulation.

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