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Hospital-grade cleaning with proven pathogen control

At Woodard, we understand that your medical facility requires hospital-strength sanitation for infection control and to prevent airborne contamination. During our commercial cleaning process, our certified technicians will follow specific procedures that meet codes set by OSHA, CDC, AORN, IICRC and Joint Commission without compromising the safety or health of your staff and patients.

With the use of powerful, 100%-safe cleaning solutions and equipment, your Woodard crew will remove dust and debris from hard surfaces and upholstery. Then, if you choose, we will apply Disinfection Services, a patented spray system, to eliminate dangerous pathogens in the air, on handles and in the tiniest crevices of keyboards — adding protection and reducing risk.

Cleaning services fully customized to your needs

Your Woodard team will complete only the commercial cleaning services you need — whether a one-time cleaning or maintenance cleaning program based on your operation’s:

  • Health standards and expectations
  • Surfaces types (hard, carpets, rugs, furniture)
  • Needs for services, including topical treatments
  • Traffic patterns
  • Budgeting requests

Count on us for commercial cleaning services that keep your medical facility up to code.

Disinfection Services – Coronavirus Cleaning Service
Our EPA-designated safe system allows us to destroy health-threatening pathogens without endangering people or pets.Learn More
Hard Surface Care
We thoroughly clean every hard surface from unfinished concrete to marble pillars.Learn More
Furniture & Upholstery
From desk chairs to dry-clean-only fabric pieces, we elevate your existing furniture to a new level of fresh and clean.Learn More
Carpet Cleaning
Whether a one-time cleaning or maintenance cleaning program, we deep clean your facility’s carpet to return it to its vibrancy.Learn More

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