When is the Best Time to Clean My Carpets?

When is the Best Time to Clean My CarpetsThere are a lot of things about being a homeowner that we just don’t know or maybe never even thought about. For me, one thing I never thought about was my carpet. I had no idea when the best time to clean my carpets was. Shoot, I certainly had no idea how often I should clean my carpet let alone what time of year to have the cleaning done!

After I thought about it I figured the best time to have my carpets cleaned was after the season that brought the most dirt into my home! Pretty easy right?

While this is a pretty straightforward answer I realized it might not be the only answer. You need to determine when the best time for you to have your carpets cleaned is. Some households like to clean on a schedule while others are more sporadic with their cleaning. Or maybe you’re expecting a new baby and want the house in tip-top shape before bringing home the new member of the family.

Let’s look at some other options for when the best time is to have your carpets cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning in the Spring

What’s one of the first things you do when spring really starts to hit the St. Louis and St. Charles area? If you’re like me, you open your doors and windows and let some fresh air in! Well, with that fresh air comes pollen, dirt, and other allergens.

Even if you don’t open your windows in the springtime, you’re still going to track all those outdoor pollutants inside. Which is a good reason to stop wearing your shoes in your home.

Carpet Cleaning in the Summer

Ahh, summer! School is out and the kids are home.. which means there more opportunities for spots, spills, and stains to happen. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Stain Removal Guide, it’s great for those small accidents that do happen around the house.

Plus, when you add-on Scothgard, our 6-month Spot & Spill warranty is included! This means that if any spots or spill happen over the next 6 months, we’ll come out for free and treat those spots. And since you cleaned in the summer months you can get those spot and spills taken care of right before the holidays!

Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

Fall is our second most popular time for our customers to schedule their carpet cleaning! It’s a perfect time because the kids are going back to school (less time to make a mess!), it’s starting to get cool outside (hopefully!), and a great time to prepare for the holiday season coming up.

Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

Can you guess the most popular time our customers have their carpets cleaned? You guess it…winter! The holidays are here, family and friends are coming over to celebrate together and you want your home in tip-top shape!

A lot of folks also clean during winter because it’s the time they spend the most inside. When you’re enjoying the cold winter nights by the fire or watching the snowfall in the early morning, the last thing you want is smelly, nasty, stained carpet.

When is the Best Time to Clean My Carpets?

It’s sort of a trick question because each season brings it owns pros and cons. We recommend that whatever time you choose, stay consistent with it. Make sure you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. However, if you have a lot of activity in your home (kids and/or pets) we recommend scheduling your cleaning every 6-8 months.

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Updated 8/19/2020