Stain Removal Guide

Our Stain Removal Guide is a great tool to use between professionals cleanings to keep your carpet spot, spill, and stain free!

Pet accidents, Children Upsets, Coffee & Soda

Wipe up as much of the excess as possible, then shampoo lightly with a home detergent/ammonia solution. Blot lightly with household vinegar.


Use a sponge to blot the stain with cold water, then lightly shampoo the area with a home detergent/ ammonia solution. In some cases, blood stains may become permanent if treated after drying.

Candle Wax

Place paper towels over the wax stain, then apply the tip of a warm iron to the paper towels. Change towels as needed. Be careful not to scorch the carpet.

Candy, Chocolate, Butter, Grease & Oil

Wipe up the excess, then shampoo lightly with a home detergent/ammonia solution.

Chewing Gum

Freeze stuck-on gum with ice cubes, then break or cut off the hardened gum. Blot any remaining gum with a dry cleaning solvent. Allow solvent to set for a few minutes, then scrape off.

Oil-Based Paint

Remove excess with spoon, then blot with a dry-cleaning solvent. If stains remain, apply a home detergent, then an ammonia solution; rinse, then blot dry.

Water-Based Paint

Remove excess with a spoon, blot with a home detergent, then apply an ammonia solution. If stains remain, apply a dry cleaning solvent; rinse, then blot dry.

Furniture/Shoe Polish & Cosmetics

Treat with a dry cleaning solvent. Allow the area to dry for a day, then shampoo with a home detergent.


Blot area with paper towels, but do not treat stain any further – doing so may cause the stain to spread. Call Woodard for immediate assistance.

Nail Polish

On synthetic carpeting, blot up excess polish, then call Woodard for further assistance; NEVER use nail polish remover to remove stains on synthetic carpeting. When treating cotton or wool carpeting, apply nail polish remover to a sponge, then use it to blot the stain away.

Anything with Dye (Kool-Aid, Mustard, Red Wine, etc.)

Lightly shampoo the stain with a home detergent.


Apply hair spray to a white cloth, then use it to lightly blot the stain. Finish by shampooing with a home detergent.

Home Detergent Solutions

Home Detergent/Biz – Mix solution of: 1 quart warm water, 1 tsp. Biz brand detergent booster, 1 tsp. liquid dish detergent. Using mainly suds and a soft household scrub brush, shampoo the area gently. Do not rub too aggressively or you may cause texture change. Dab lightly.

Home Detergent/Ammonia – Mix solution of: 1 quart warm water, 1.6 oz. Ammonia, and 1 tsp. liquid dish detergent. Use same technique as with Home Detergent/Biz solution.

WARNING: Never mix ammonia and bleach together.