How to Eliminate Odor

Whether you’re sniffing out something foul at home or at work, it’s important to address the issue before it becomes an even stinkier problem.

Smokepet accidents, sewer backups, decomposing materials, and water damage all produce offensive odors, making it uncomfortable, and potentially hazardous, for inhabitants of your home or office. In many cases, the offensive odor may indicate that you’ve got a mold problem. Read more on mold identification and remediation here.

Zapping Odors in the Air

If odors have got you down, you’ve come to the right place; rest assured, Woodard can help! We’ve got the tools and expertise necessary to combat all types of foul odors. To determine which treatment is best, we first have to consider the source of the smell. Questions to consider include:

  • Were there previous odors, and what (if anything) was done to correct them?
  • Was there a recent moisture or sewage problem?
  • If the odor was from smoke, what burned (was the fuel source combustibles, proteins, electrical, etc)?

Odor Eliminating Equipment

Our odor arsenal is packed with a plethora of tools, perfect for deodorizing structures and contents, including:

Air Scrubbers: Used to capture and remove odor-causing particles in the air, air scrubbers effectively eliminate odor at the source.

Thermal Fog: Used to mask fire odors, thermal fog is best used in situations when strong generalized odors are present throughout a building. Thermal fog is designed to vaporize a masking solution, which follows the same path as the original smoke, attacking and masking foul odors. Please Note: For safety reasons, evacuation is required prior to use.

Hydroxl: A relatively new treatment technique, hydroxl is released in the air, neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and pathogens, while working to eliminate offensive odors. Unlike thermal fog, hydroxl does not require evacuation prior to use.

Microbial Solutions: In situations involving mold and mildew, there is a definite odor. When treating mold and mildew, we use an anti-microbial solution to kill and control future microbial growth (protocols typically call for the mold to be physically removed, not just killed). After the mold and bacterial are killed, additional deodorizing methods may be applied.

Personalized Odor Removal Solutions

If unwelcome odors are lingering in your home, office, or facility, Woodard can develop a customized treatment plan to help. Our restoration experts can assist you in identifying and treating any unwanted odors, restoring your space back to its original, fresh condition.


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Updated 03/15/2014