Early Signs of Water Damage

early signs of water damage

In the case of a flood or even a slow leak in the home, time is of the essence to minimize any damage that can occur and spotting early signs of water damage because they become a bigger issue.

The most obvious early signs of water damage is visible damage to walls, ceilings or floors. This may include dark/wet spots or changes to your drywall and paint. Changes caused by water damage include cracking and flaking drywall or even paint bubbling from water. You may also see large pools of water or just a moist carpet indicating there is a leak. Even a little moisture can indicate a problem that can turn into a disaster over time. If you hear rushing water or a dripping sound, identify the source immediately and take action to stop the water flow. If you begin to notice a musty or moldy smell in your home the changes are excess water is somewhere present in your home. Lastly, another early sign of water damage is if you notice a spike in your water bill or other utility bills!

Regularly Inspecting for Water Damage

It is important to frequently check areas of your home for any standing water or early signs of water damage mentioned above. This should include checking the basement around the hot water heater and visually inspecting the roof for damaged shingles that may lead to a slow leak. Being a diligent homeowner will not only ensure that you are insured if there is water damage, but it can also prevent more extensive damage from the water.

Time is Important to Minimize Water Damage

Water can cause extensive damage to a home or office, anything from weakened structural support beams to insulation that is retaining water.  This may include replacing drywall and insulation or taking up the floor to prevent mold problems down the road.  When you see water in your home or business, the first course of action should be to identify where the water is coming from. Then, stop the flow immediately. Before the professional can come extract the water, you need to ensure the source of the water has stopped.

While early signs of water damage may be more apparent, spotting leaks quickly can significantly reduce the amount of damage.  Regularly inspecting the home for signs of water damage and being vigilant can help to make sure you do not have a big problem on your hands later on.

Ask for Help from Water Damage Professionals

If you do discover early signs of water damage, be sure to call the professionals at Woodard. If left untreated, the damage could worsen and you could be looked at mold damage. For immediate assistance, call 314-227-3932.


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Updated 6/10/2021