Commercial Cleaning Services When St. Louis Reopens

commercial cleaning services

As Missouri plans to reopen on May 4th, employees will begin to return to the office/commercial buildings. We understand the increased anxiety and heightened concerns about returning to “normal” and how to maintain a clean and sanitized area. Our Commercial Cleaning Services Team is ready to help!

Woodard is committed to helping keep our community safe. The key to keeping you and those around you safe and healthy, a regular commercial cleaning regimen is a must! Getting into the habit of having a regular cleaning or maintenance program is more important now than ever for commercial buildings or large facilities. In fact, the CDC recommends that commercial facilities should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Woodard is here to support you throughout this pandemic to ensure a healthy workplace.

Preparedness Responsibilities

As commercial buildings plan to allow employees to reenter, it’s important they aim to:

  • Protect the health and safety of workers
  • Protect employees and users of mass transit
  • Advise citizens regarding protocols for social distancing and face coverings
  • Monitor conditions and immediately take steps to limit and mitigate any rebounds or outbreaks by restarting a phase or returning to an earlier phase, depending on the severity

It’s crucial that employers encourage their employees to practice good personal hygiene.

  • Frequently washing hands
  • Covering face when coughing or sneezing
  • Disinfecting frequently touched areas

As St. Louis prepares to reopen, protocols set in place by the White House should be followed as stated in Opening Up America Again.

Opening Up America Again

The plan outlines three different phases in which Woodard will be here to help you navigate through all three.

Phase One

Phase one slowly allows for employees to return to work. It’s best that the first wave of folks who return to the office do so in a clean environment ensuring that no bacteria, germs, or pathogens are present. During this time common areas should remain closed and non-essential travel should be minimized.

Woodard is available to clean commercial carpeting, hard surfaces, furniture, and cubical panels so your staff is ready to step into the office with no concerns about picking something up that has been lingering in the office over the last month. You can also add on our pathogen control system, Disinfection Services, which is an EPA-approved disinfect to your cleaning. Our crews will apply Disinfection Services to your entire workspace/facility to help combat the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens hovering in the office.

Phase Two

Under phase two a majority of your team is back and working normal hours on-site and travel resumes. By allowing your employees to travel there is a slight increase in the risk of “picking something up”. To keep your facility clean, we recommend a maintenance program in which our crews are on a regular cleaning scheduling.

Phase Three

During the third phase, everything is back open. Families can begin visiting nursing homes, bars are open, and for the most part, our city is pretty close as back to normal as we can get after experiencing a pandemic. At this time, it’s important that individuals and businesses continue to practice proper hygiene, covering their faces when they cough or sneeze, and regular cleanings to keep the workplace environment clean.

Check out our commercial services to learn more about the different types of businesses/commercial properties we serve. You can also reach us at 314-227-3932 or by submitting a form online and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly!


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Updated on 4/28/2020