The Benefits of a Custom Cleaning Maintenance Program

We all have those nagging lists of “oh, I should do that soon…” or “I’ll get to that as soon as I can,” or, “that can wait just a bit longer…” but what most of us struggle with is actually setting aside the time to accomplish those things.

Sure, we take care of high priority and day-to-day tasks without hesitation, but it’s those “rainy day” to-dos that we all seem to have a hard time checking off the list. When your desk is full of urgent requests from your tenants or employees, it’s easy to understand how scheduling an appointment to have the carpets cleaned at your facility could fall to the wayside. We’re here to help with that!

Woodard offers a completely customized cleaning maintenance program for all of our commercial clients, using our proprietary software platform. We’re able to set up regular hard surface, furniture, carpet, or rug cleanings as frequently as you’d like, and…it will save you money over randomly scheduled cleanings! How, you might ask? If we’re in your facility on a regular basis – say, once a month – your carpets will be cleaner than if you call us annually – which means it will take less time to clean your facility, resulting in a lower labor cost. Similarly, the more familiar we are with your facility, the easier it will be to hook up our equipment and find our rhythm, also resulting in a quicker, more efficient cleaning. If our team becomes familiar with your problem areas, knows what to look for, and how to navigate, this allows them to do the best job possible for you. Another benefit to our maintenance program is the fact that you just don’t have to worry about it! We offer customized frequency planning to match your budget requirements and are happy to modify anytime you need. We will also work around your schedule – we’re happy to do your cleanings after business hours, and have a full crew of certified technicians on staff in the evenings to accommodate your needs. Similarly, if you would prefer a daytime cleaning, we’ll be there! Our staff will work with you to make sure our crews have the appropriate access protocols to enter your facility, and beyond the initial setup of your program, you needn’t worry about a thing! Please note that we are more than happy to accommodate changes to your cleaning schedule, add in or remove cleanings here and there, accept special requests, etc. Anything you need, we’re here to help.

Just imagine – there’s a lot of traffic throughout your facility on a daily basis. Your carpets, hard surfaces, rugs, and furniture need cleaning, and we have a solution to provide this to you worry-free. A clean environment is a happy environment, and an empty to-do list is quite the accomplishment!