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Commercial Rug Cleaning

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Preserve your rugs with our renowned rug cleaning technology

Just like carpets, rugs in commercial spaces can collect dust, debris, odors and spills, and need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment that meets health codes and business standards. For smaller spaces, you may be tempted to clean or wash your own rugs. However, colors can easily migrate or fade and fabrics can be damaged. Commercial rug cleaning will preserve the appearance and form of your rugs so they look cleaner and last longer.

Woodard technicians will take meticulous care of your valuable rugs — from initial inspection, through cleaning, grooming and delivery. As the only rug cleaner in the Midwest that offers the state-of-the-art MOR™ Rug Cleaning System, our fully-trained technicians evaluate the best methods to safely clean all rugs — Persian, hand-knotted artisan, Karastan, Wilton, custom-bordered, machine-made and more. If needed, we are happy to hand scrub your rug, too. Then we will get your rugs quickly dried in our climate-controlled drying room before bringing them back to your business.

Left uncleaned, your rugs can quickly lose luster and value. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent:

  • Premature wear due to excess soiling
  • Lingering pet odors
  • Burrowed insects
  • Mold and mildew
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Weakening of structural integrity
  • Color fading and bleeding
  • Shrinkage of material
  • Torn surfaces

Also, at our full-service facility, experienced Woodard professionals can successfully make all sorts of rug repairs and add protective treatments, which can save considerable money over buying new rugs.

Consider your valuable rugs as permanent features of your thoughtfully crafted work space. Woodard will furnish the rug cleaning, repairs and protection needed to keep them looking new longer.

Woodard will carefully and confidently clean rugs of all shapes, sizes and types, including:

Flat weave (Navajo, aubusson, dhurrie, kilim, rag rugs, soumak tapestries typically made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers)

Braided rugs

Custom bordered rugs

Hooked rugs

Karastan rugs

Machine-made oriental rugs

Navajo rugs

Oriental rugs*

Persian rugs*

Silk rugs*

Sumak rugs

Weaving sumak rugs

Tufted rugs

Wool rugs*

*Require delicate care and should never be machine washed.

How Woodard’s unique rug cleaning system works:

We recommend rug cleaning every 1-2 years or more frequently depending on traffic and exposure to pathogens or smoke. Rugs in medical facilities or living quarters should be cleaned more often to stay in compliance with health codes.

  1. Detailed pre-cleaning inspection with list of recommendations for your rugs
  2. Analysis to determine any areas requiring special attention and determine any risks of cleaning
  3. Pre-treatment of any spots and stains
  4. Machine cleaning by the safest method possible, based on rug’s material and condition
  5. Application of topical treatments as necessary or requested by customer
  6. Grooming of the rug to achieve a uniform appearance
  7. Hanging the rug in our humidity-controlled drying room, which limits risk of color run and shrinkage
  8. Final inspection of the rug to ensure it meets Woodard’s high standards of quality. If we are not satisfied with its appearance or condition, we will repeat our process until we achieve this standard.
  9. Rolling up and wrapping of the rug to keep it fresh and clean

Please allow seven business days to properly clean your area rugs as many times as necessary to meet our quality standards. Should a spot or stain resurface after we return your rugs, a technician will come back free-of-charge to give it another try.

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