Why Carpeting Is Better Than Hardwood Floors

Why Carpeting Is Better Than Hardwood Floors

Why Carpeting Is Better Than Hardwood Floors

Homeowners are always looking for a reason to spruce up their residence. That could involve painting your home’s interior, decluttering your living space, or cleaning and restoring your home’s hard surfaces. But one change you can make with some hidden benefits might surprise you.

Carpeting your hardwood floors. 

Many homeowners take pride in having natural, hardwood floors. They provide natural beauty and are relatively easy to sweep up and clean. However, in many ways, carpeting is actually vastly better for many homes. Let’s look into some reasons why carpeting is better than hardwood floors.

Carpeting Is More Budget Friendly

Simply put, installing and maintaining hardwood floors is a more expensive proposition than simply installing (or keeping currently installed) carpet. Professionally installing carpet costs between $3 and $6 per square foot, while hardwood floors run from $6 to $12 per square foot, though that number can go even higher. 

Additionally, it is significantly more expensive to take out a previous floor and replace it with hardwood flooring than it is to carpet the area.

Now, it is true that carpets are better at hiding dirt, and require more cleaning than a hardwood floor. You can help mitigate that, however, by using Woodard to treat your carpeting with Scotchgard™, which can protect your carpets from permanent damage, meaning they could last even longer, saving you even more.  

Carpets Are More Versatile

Regarding the beauty of your home, while hardwood floors provide a simple, classic look, there’s no versatility—simply put, minus an expensive reconstruction project, you’re stuck with what you have. 

Carpeting, however, provides many more options. You can choose your design and color to match your house and can change out the carpeting if you feel it has become outdated or no longer fits with your home’s aesthetic. 

This flexibility also allows your personality to show through with your carpeting choice. You can choose a design that speaks to you, or go with your favorite color—options you won’t have with hardwood flooring.  

Carpets Are More Comfortable

Another great benefit to having a carpeted home is comfort. Walking, sitting, or laying down on a carpeted floor is soft and plush, while hardwood floors are just that—hard, and cold. The idea of curling up and lying down to watch a movie from your hardwood floors doesn’t seem nearly as comfortable doing the same on a warm, soft, carpeted floor. 

Carpets Can Warm Your Home in the Winter

Here’s a benefit that can actually save you even more money in the long run—carpets naturally insulate your home. The fabric in the carpeting actually absorbs the surrounding heat, which means that during the cold winter months, you’ll be trapping heat inside, keeping your home warm, and cutting back on energy bills. 

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, do not absorb heat. As a result, they can actually be cold to the touch during the winter months, while leaking heat from your home, resulting in higher energy costs. Not only is that bad for your bare feet on those cold winter nights, but it’s bad for your wallet! 

Carpets Make Your Home Less Noisy 

Finally, the same insulatory benefits carpeting provides in terms of heat also helps make your home less noisy than hardwood floors, both for yourself and your neighbors. For those of you living in an apartment or condo with a downstairs (or an upstairs) neighbor, you know that wooden floors make almost every step audible to the unit below. 

Carpets don’t have this problem! In fact, your downstairs neighbor is likely to thank you when your carpeted room muffles any stomping noises you were making while walking around. 

Homeowners can take advantage from this as well—carpeting softens noises made within your house, so many creaks and groans you might notice in your home will go away with some nice carpeting. 

Of course, when you make the switch to carpeting, make sure to keep that carpet well-maintained and cleaned, with help from the professionals at Woodard.


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Updated 8/7/2020