The MOR™ Rug Cleaning Machines

Woodard rug cleaning machine

Today, companies and businesses are utilizing area rugs for conference room areas or showrooms. Since they’re underfoot, withstanding soil, wear and tear, it’s important to have these rugs properly cleaned by professionals. The team at Woodard team uses a MOR™ rug cleaning machine — for the best care and cleaning of our customer’s rugs.

MOR™ Rug Cleaning Machine

The MOR™ Company, based in Elkhart, Indiana has been manufacturing rug cleaning equipment for quite some time. This system was originally designed for cleaning and drying Oriental and other fine rugs. MOR™ has brought the industry high-speed, high-powered, and high efficiency units. These units have dramatically improved production standards (for those lucky enough to own one). The MOR™ system evenly shampoos, rinses and extracts moisture through rolling pin wringers all in one machine. It is truly the finest automatic rug cleaning system available in the market today.

Woodard is the only cleaning facility in the Midwest with this system. We are proud to offer our customers the very best in area rug cleaning.

According to Woodard’s Director of Cleaning Services, Scott Ring, the “MOR™ machine was truly an innovation. It is amazing how effective it still is today.” The MOR™ cleaning system is prized for its versatility and automates many stages within the cleaning process. It is used to completely and thoroughly clean a rug, using a unique soap injection system. The brushes can be used as an agitator to loosen the soil that’s been embedded into the rug. The MOR™ machine can also be used to rinse and extract rugs with its rinse line and hydraulic rinse roller at the exit point of the process.

Woodard technicians personally assess each rug to determine the safest cleaning methods. Our team strives to protect and preserve the quality of each piece in our care. Topical treatments such as moth protection or deodorization are also offered.

If your rugs experience damage, do make sure that you take it to a professional repair specialist. Often with fine rugs, damaged binding and frays can become worse and more costly if not taken care of quickly by an experienced team. Our full-service workroom, trusted team of repair specialists, and rug cleaning machine can handle all your rug needs.


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Updated 4/22/2020