Rug Repair Due to Pet Damage

Our Rug Repair and Alterations Team recently had an Afghan rug, used as a runner, come into our Rug Care Center in need of repair.

The hole was caused by a pet who chewed on the rug, resulting in about a 2” wide hole. In order to repair the rug, our team had to first remove a few of the damaged knots so that they could access the foundation cords (also called warps and wefts). Once they had access to the undamaged warps and wefts, they were able to tie in an anchor knot to weave new cords. An anchor knot is required during this process in order to ensure that the yarn does not pull out or become loose later on in the process. Our Rug Repair and Alterations Team was then able to add the wool knots to the warps and wefts, thus filling in the hole. This process took our team a total of 4 hours to repair.

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