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Rugs are much more than mere accents; they provide color, cushion and character, making your house truly home. Like your car, appliances or clothing, you want your rugs to look good and last. However, despite your best efforts to take care of your rugs, most consumer-grade rug cleaning products can damage or even ruin your rugs. While left unrepaired, a small rug tear can lead to complete unraveling and ruin your rug all together.

At Woodard, we have been the leaders in St. Louis rug cleaning and repair for more than 70 years. Whether your rug is contemporary flat-weave, heirloom Persian, hand-knotted or machine-woven, we use only the techniques and solutions best suited for your rug type. We’ll take great care of your rugs and recommend only the rug cleaning and repair services needed, returning them restored and refreshed as quickly as possible.

With our years of experience, expertise and customer satisfaction, you can confidently trust your entire collection of rugs to Woodard for the finest rug cleaning, protection and repair in St. Louis.


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