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Basement Flooding

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Whether or not your basement is finished, it likely houses some of your prized belongings. If heavy rainfall or burst pipes cause flooding, you are left with serious basement flooding in need of cleanup. No matter what amount of water, you want to make sure it doesn’t impact your HVAC or electrical systems. Plus, without proper cleaning and drying of your basement, you could face even bigger problems, including:

  • growth of mold and unhealthy living conditions,
  • weakened walls or flooring,
  • damaged carpets or rugs and
  • unpleasant, lingering odors.

Whenever flooding takes over your basement — even in the middle of the night — Woodard’s experienced and licensed professionals will provide basement flooding cleanup services that leave your home completely clean and dry. From small leak cleanup to major basement restoration, we are equipped with all the solutions and equipment needed to get your basement and life back to normal.

Depending on the damage from your basement flooding, you may also need our mold removal or restoration services.

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Our specially trained technicians will inspect, contain and remediate mold — leaving you in the comfort and safety of a healthier home.

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