Identifying Mold Types

identifying mold types

As a homeowner, at some point you will probably have to deal with mold, which typically thrives in warm high-moisture areas such as the bathroom, basement or attic.  Once mold growth has begun in an area, it can grow exponentially so it is important to address the problem immediately.  Mold that has accumulated into big chunks can be harmful to the health of anyone living in the home.

How Mold Can Affect Your Health

There are many different types of mold that can form in your home.  These can be affecting the health of everyone in the area.  From sniffles to a headache and itchy throat, mold can have an impact on your overall wellness.  There are also toxic molds, which can be even more harmful through exposure.

You can identify the mold and determine how harmful it may be through a simple test.  Drop a small amount of household bleach onto the mold.  If it disappears easily, you are probably dealing with mildew.  Black mold, which is commonly seen in homes, comes in two forms.  These include mildew-mold and dirt mold.  Mildew mold can be removed using bleach, but dirt mold will be resistant to this chemical.  Some of these types of mold are toxic.

Twelve Types of Mold to Watch For

The following are twelve mold types that may be found growing in your home.  Some are more harmful to your health, while others may leave you with troublesome symptoms such as a sniffly nose and scratchy throat.

Acremonium – Beginning as a fine powder, this mold is often pink, grey or orange. It is a carcinogen and can lead to serious medical conditions.

Alternaria – This is the most common form of allergenic mold, most often found in bathrooms. It can cause irritation of the nose and throat.

Aspergillus – Commonly formed in long chains, this mold comes in a variety of species. Some will cause respiratory ailments, but others are known to be carcinogens.

Aureobasidium – This mold is pink, brown or black in color and likes to grow on painted or wood surfaces. It can cause a skin rash, eye infection or other irritation if touched with bare skin.

Chaetomium – With a cotton-like texture, this mold is most often found after water damage. It can cause skin irritation or worse for those with compromised immune systems.

Cladosporium – This allergenic mold thrives on fabric and carpets. It causes skin and lung irritation, like asthmatic symptoms.

Fusarium – Pink or reddish white in color, this naturally grows on food and compost. Exposure can result in allergy symptoms, including a runny nose and itchy eyes.

Mucor – White or grey, this mold often grows near HVAC systems or duct work, thriving on the moisture levels. It can cause flu-like symptoms, from a fever to difficulty breathing.

Penicillin – This is an allergenic form of mold that is blue or green in color. When breathed in, these mold spores can cause pulmonary inflammation and asthma.

Stachybotrys – Known as black mold because of its toxins, this can lead to serious breathing problems. If found in the home, children should be removed until the problem has been addressed.

Trichoderma – Preferring fabrics and carpets, this mold can cause pulmonary infections and can damage building materials.

Ulcocladium – This mold is often found in homes with extreme water damage. It can cause a range of ailments from hay fever to more serious respiratory infections.

If you find mold in your home, it is important that you address the problem immediately.  Hiring a professional will ensure that the mold is removed properly and without risk of spreading to other areas. Woodard offers both residential mold removal services and commercial mold removal services. For service or to answer any questions submit a form online or call us at 314-227-3932.


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Updated 6/1/2021