How to Effectively Dry Out A Large Facility

When significant water damage affects a building, we do all we can to help its residents get back to their lives.

After the tragic boiler explosion in Soulard last week, surrounding buildings were hit by flying debris. One building had their sprinkler system damaged, setting it off throughout their office and causing water damage across several thousand square feet. In order to get this business back up and fully functioning, we utilized our large loss equipment to ensure all moisture was removed, leaving no threat of mold or mildew growth.

After a building experiences significant water damage, such as a sprinkler system going off, our traditional methods of drying out the area are not powerful enough to remove all of the moisture in the air. Therefore, we bring in our large loss equipment to ensure the affected area is properly dried out, eliminating any risk of mold or mildew growth. Once our crews extract any standing water, we bring in air movers, our desiccant trailer and a generator for power. A desiccant trailer is essential to properly drying out a large area that has extensive water damage.

Normally, when a building experiences a water loss, the water is extracted and dehumidifiers are placed throughout the space to remove excess moisture in the air. However, when a building is damaged by this much water over such a large space, our dehumidifiers are not powerful enough to remove all excess water in the air to achieve proper humidity levels. Throughout the building, a tubing system is set up that is connected to the desiccant trailer. Inside the trailer is a silica wheel, in which the air circulates around absorbing the water vapor. Silica is often found in small packets that you get with products you’ve purchased, such as a box of shoes. These packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry, which is why our desiccant trailer is an essential part of drying out a large space affected by water. The wet air passes over the wheel through one tube and is then circulated out through a different tube back into the building. The air is continuously looped in and out of the building, removing the excess moisture in the air as it passes over the silica wheel. This process allows for a space to be efficiently and effectively dried out by bringing humidity levels back down to a normal range.


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Updated 4/22/2017