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Fire damage restoration services covering all your needs

There’s no such thing as a “small” fire. Every fire sparks anxiety from, “How much damage has really been done?” to, “How am I going to be able get my business back up and running?” In addition to actual fire damage, the resultant smoke, soot, odor and other particles will penetrate your walls, floors, attic and duct work. Plus, you may experience water damage and residue from extinguishing the fire.

With more than 70 years as the Midwest’s largest and most experienced independent restoration company, Woodard knows how to restore your property quickly, safely and seamlessly to minimize loss. No matter what time or day – Woodard’s certified fire damage restoration team will be there to board up your property and assess any water damage from putting out the fire. Then, from mitigation to cleanup, to insurance support and restoration services, we will reduce your stress, as well as the impact to your bottom line.

Full-service fire damage restoration services the Woodard way

  • 24-hour emergency water extraction and cleanup
  • Woodard-owned equipment and fleet of 100 vehicles to handle any size loss
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified crews
  • Signature processes for consistent quality
  • Turbo-powered water removal and drying equipment
  • Professional customer care with seamless, steady communication
  • Direct communication with, and billing through, your insurance
  • Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Fire damage restoration process

When do I call Woodard?

Call Woodard at 314-227-3930 as soon as the fire has been extinguished.

What can I expect during your fire damage repair process?

Once you’ve filed a claim with your insurance company, Woodard will work with your insurance company to get the restoration process moving forward. The typical steps involved in fire damage restoration include:

  1. Boarding-up your property immediately will prevent additional damage by weather, animals or theft while providing peace of mind. As soon as your fire has been fully extinguished, call 314-227-3930, and we will dispatch a fire damage restoration team to arrive as soon as possible.
  2. Deodorizing your property will eliminate unhealthy smoke, soot, chemical particles and water damage. This can include mold remediation as needed.
  3. We will carefully pack-out your salvageable contents — from delicate crystal to granite conference tables and heavy equipment — and deliver them to our ContentCare Center® (CCC) for cleaning. At this time, we can also take a disposal inventory of any non-salvageable contents, to help make the replacement process easier.
  4. During content cleaning, trained technicians will thoroughly clean and deodorize your salvageable contents before moving them into our secure climate controlled warehouse for storage until you are ready to move them back into your business. Your assets — electronics, equipment, furniture, documents, décor and more — are fully insured while in our care.
  5. Our professional document drying technology will help restore many critical documents, while keeping them confidential.
  6. Debris removal will include removal of large, damaged structures as well as water-damaged flooring, drywall or plaster.
  7. Repair and restoration can include everything from carpet cleaning to full construction services.
  8. We will store your contents in our secure facility and deliver them when your property is ready.

ContentCare Center® capabilities

Fully trained technicians will thoroughly clean your salvageable belongings in our state-of-the-art ContentCare Center®, which offers the following amenities:

  • Deodorizing ozone chambers
  • Large ultrasonic cleaning area
  • Electronics and upholstery treatment facilities
  • Industrial wash bays
  • Careful hand-cleaning processes

About our solutions and equipment

All of the chemicals we use are powerful yet safe enough for residential use, as well as for the environment. We keep an updated library of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all products we use, and are happy to provide this information upon request.

Because they are industrial-strength, our humidifiers, air movers and axial fans do tend to run loudly, but they also allow us to properly and more quickly dry out the damaged space, which is necessary to prevent mold growth or rotting of surfaces. All of our equipment is safe for humans and pets, but we ask you not to move the equipment or electrical wires, which we place strategically to maintain safety. Read more about our set-up process and equipment here.

Save time and money with our expert insurance support

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Prevent health risks and costly damage caused by mold

Our specially trained technicians will inspect, contain and remediate mold in your business.

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