Commercial Multi-Story Flood Restoration, Clayton, MO

Woodard restores a 24-story building that sustained a flooding disaster at 1:30 A.M. when a 1.5 inch sprinkler line was ruptured.

The Problem:

Late in the evening, contractors were performing demolition work on the 14th floor of the 24-story office building in Clayton, MO. In the process, a bearing wall fell and landed on a 1.5 inch sprinkler line, which broke at the t-joint sending water through that floor and all the way down to the 1st floor. Floors 10-13 sustained the most damage, and needed immediate and expert attention for the businesses on these floors to be able to operate as normally as possible.

The Solution:

Woodard performed water extraction, staged rooms for drying by removing damaged ceiling tiles and insulation as well as any affected drywall, placed dehumidifiers and air movers in all affected spaces, and preserved important documentation that got wet. Our Project Managers and Claims team also coordinated with the insurance company and all building tenants to ensure a smooth mitigation process all around.


Due to the fact that the property management company of this building has a priority service agreement in place with Woodard as well as a Proactive Restoration Emergency Planning program with us, we were able to respond within minutes of their call to us at 1:30 A.M. These two items greatly expedite the entire response and mitigation process, by having all documentation already in place so our crews are able to get to work quickly rather than processing paperwork. One of the property managers of this building said, “Woodard has performed all of our water mitigation over the last several years. They have this service down to a science, trained technicians, and we have a comfort level that they know what they are doing. [We’re] very satisfied with the service, response, and communication.”