5 Considerations When Transforming Your Kitchen

kitchen remodel

The kitchen is the heart of any home and it is the one room that most homeowners look to upgrade first. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy working on luxurious and durable marble counter tops or love the extra space that new cabinets provide? Indeed, remodeling will not only transform the overall look of your kitchen, it can also increase the room’s functionality and value, with a remodeled kitchen able to recoup 77% of the cost when you resale the home.

However, homeowners have varied preferences when it comes to this space. So before you start remodeling, ensure that the changes will be suitable for your needs by considering these important factors.


The first thing you need to consider is your budget as it will ultimately dictate the limits of your renovation. So, consider the costs of your goals before getting any work done. After deciding on the aesthetics and upgrades you want, consult with a decorator and a contractor for an estimate. Even if you’re the type to DIY home upgrades, you still need to figure out a budget.

That said, homeowners should explore various financing options to achieve their kitchen goals. Personal loans that cover home improvements and kitchen renovations definitely fall under that category. Home improvement personal loans start from $3,500 and can go as high as $40,000. The lower end of the range can cover small cosmetic changes, while the maximum amount can give you a full-blown kitchen remodel complete with appliances.

If bank financing is not an option, consider making the changes yourself and find different ways to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the upgrades. For instance, your old kitchen flooring may be replaced with inexpensive yet classy options like laminated or wooden flooring, which you can fit yourself!


kitchenForget the trends! The kitchen is your space, so you should make sure that it will look inviting and appealing to you. Start planning the remodel by searching for colors, materials, and designs that you can envision in your own kitchen.

For instance, those who want a kitchen that adheres to more minimalist styles can integrate wooden elements with white walls and sleek appliances. But for homeowners who want more vibrancy, they can consider painting over wooden cupboards, using a variety of tiles, installing open shelving to display porcelain dinnerware, art pieces, and even plants. And, don’t forget that a kitchen with stainless steel elements can look very classy, too.


Design and money are not the only factors that influence the extent of your renovations. Time is another thing to consider. From the demolition to the installation of appliances and hardware, the many different steps of remodeling a kitchen take considerable time. In fact, kitchen countertops can take as long as seven weeks to be delivered, depending on how customized you want them to be.

On average though, full kitchen renovations can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months. Of course, that would depend on the extent of your changes and a whole slew of other factors. And if you’re doing the upgrades yourself, you might have to plan for a longer process. That means, household members would have to sacrifice their kitchen use and adjust their routines accordingly. So it’s important to know what you’re all in for before committing to any changes.


Looks are not the most important part of a kitchen. Functionality is. Improve your kitchen’s efficiency by adding low-maintenance fixtures or by maximizing the storage space. Consider these small yet meaningful changes that can transform your kitchen’s purpose and value.

Homeowners with small kitchens can maximize the vertical space by adding taller cabinets. You can also make your kitchen easier to maintain by changing certain furniture or fixtures. For instance, granite countertops are made up of a classy stone that is durable and resistant to staining and regular wear and tear. When remodeling think for the long term and invest in getting materials that will last.

green kitchenBuying new appliances may not be an essential step for some. However, new kitchen tools and gadgets can free kitchen space and save energy costs for most homeowners.

Minimize your clutter by using multi-functional gadgets, such as Smart Instant Pots. New dishwashers and refrigerators may also be a good investment, since more recent models consume less water and electricity. And, if it’s within your budget, consider getting integrated appliances that fit into every nook and cranny of your newly-minted space.

Transform your kitchen into a beautiful and efficient space by considering your aesthetic preferences, improving its functionality, and investing in useful appliances. Most of all, make your remodeling project successful by creating a budget and planning a timeline.

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Updated 5/17/2021

Article written by Zana Barber for woodard247.com

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