What You Should Keep in Your Basement

While basements are perfect for storing your favorite seasonal items and that treadmill you swore you’d use every morning, their underground location makes them highly-susceptible to mold and water damage.

In addition to those odds and ends, there are three basement waterproofing items every homeowner should keep in their basement to avoid costly damages and disasters; read on to learn about these basement essentials.

  1. A Dehumidifier: As you already know, St. Louis in the spring and summertime is quite humid. But, did you know that running a dehumidifier in your basement could save you thousands of dollars? No joke! Designed to reduce moisture (aka, mold magnet), dehumidifiers are pro-active tools that quickly become a homeowner’s best friend. Since mold is not easy to detect behind walls, dehumidifiers are especially important in finished basements.
  2. Metal Shelving Units: I know what you’re thinking: more places to store your skis and winter sweaters, right? Sure! But, more important than added storage, metal shelving keeps those beloved goods off the ground and protected in the event that your basement floods or attracts standing water. Secondly, metal never warps! Wood units tend to warp as temperatures and humidity fluctuate, making metal a more efficient and cost effective basement shelving solution.
  3. A Backup Sump Pump We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: sump pumps require regular maintenance! Check your sump pump often to make sure it’s working, and if it isn’t, act fast. With a backup sump pump on hand, you can easily (and quickly) replace a failed sump pump. Unless you’re trying to turn your basement into your own private swimming pool, we highly recommend having a backup sump pump handy!

Basement waterproofing could mean the difference between you spending costly amounts of money for home repair, or simply enjoying the storm as it passes. Don’t let yourself fall victim to a storm simply because you neglected to waterproof your basement. Make sure you have these 3 things in your basement and you will be safe, rather than sorry.

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