Woodard is the “Best of the Best”

We are proud to share with you this awesome recognition video about Woodard!

While investigating a premier restoration company in Indiana, Rich Noonan and his BEST OF THE BEST team came across Woodard and began conducting research on our brand. Because they liked what they saw and we fit their qualifications for a “best” company, his team put together this wonderful video that really speaks to our brand from an unbiased, unsolicited perspective!

Rich is an 8-time Emmy award winning television news journalist who spent most of his career as the main news anchor at Fox News in Philadelphia and at CBS in Atlanta. Rich was also one of top investigative reporters in the country and during his television career he won several awards for his coverage of the Philadelphia mob.

Rich founded BEST OF THE BEST television to help people find great companies and to help great companies have their story told in a very compelling way. Best of the Best is the leading investigative video review firm in the nation – if they call a company the “best,” that company is THE best!

The BEST OF THE BEST team conducts their investigation and creates the entire commemorative video without informing the company about it, and we were just thrilled and surprised to receive this honor! His team looks for:

• Businesses that have a history of success.
• Consistent ownership.
• Progressive ownership.
• Companies that value their people.
• Companies that seek customer review.
• Companies that give back.

We really think the BEST OF THE BEST team captured our mission, essence, purpose, and story with this video, and we hope you love it as much as we do!