Woodard is Awarded Top Workplace 2016

Woodard is being recognized as a 2016 Top Workplace ‘Workplace Achiever’ by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

In addition to the Top 100, they are recognizing another 25 employers as Workplace Achievers. The employers that received this recognition are mainly small and mid-sized companies that scored above Workplace Dynamics’ national benchmark.

Often, it’s assumed that in order to be a Top Workplace you have to offer cool perks such as “bring your pet to work day”, an onsite workout facility, or free lunches. Those are some great perks to have in a workplace, but earning the Top Workplace award is all about your organizational health. Organizational health is measured by how well your employees are working together toward a common cause. There are several factors that the survey looks for:

  • Alignment: A measure of where the company is headed and its values and cooperation
  • Effectiveness: How the company is getting to where it aims to go
  • Connection: A gauge of whether an employee feels appreciated and that their work is meaningful

Other aspects that the survey measures is how an employee feels about their job on a daily basis. This includes if an employee is happy with the pay and benefits, managers, and company leadership. A final measurement that the survey assess is retention, motivation, and referral.

Essentially, in order to be named a Top Workplace your employees must believe in:

  • Where your organization is headed
  • How it will get there
  • And the feeling that everyone is in this together

Knowing that our team believes in Woodard enough for us to receive this honor is quite the honor in itself. We’re so proud of and thankful for our team on a daily basis and wouldn’t know what to do without the wonderful people that make Woodard successful.