Woodard Builds New Customer Response Center

St. Louis, Mo. (December 2014) – In keeping with our continued commitment to a family-first working environment and award-winning customer service; Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services’ administrative departments will move into the new state-of-the-art Customer Response Center (CRC) located at 2647 Rock Hill Industrial Court on December 15, 2014.

The CRC—which has a more sleek and streamlined design—is ultimately about serving our customers more efficiently. For the past 3 years, Woodard—St. Louis’ premier cleaning and restoration company since 1946—has been developing plans to consolidate our administrative departments and move into a new facility; with the ultimate objective being to create a more fluid working environment and improve productivity. We believe this will be of great benefit to customers, both residential and commercial.

What’s Changing?

A Collaborative Workspace

In addition to a new building, Woodard is adopting a new open layout that will eliminate cubicles and private offices; allowing employees, managers and executive leadership to sit in close proximity to one another.

“One of the best opportunities we have with the CRC is to build on Woodard’s wonderful family atmosphere and culture,” said Woodard President Justin Woodard. “We selected the open workspace design to encourage interactions and collaboration between functional areas, which we believe will ultimately lead to stronger personal connections and even stronger family feeling.”

What’s Staying the Same?

Where do I drop off my rugs and furniture to be cleaned?

Customers should continue to drop off their rugsand furniture at Woodard’s Rug Cleaning Plant at 9308 Manchester Road.

 What about phone numbers and email?

All telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

 Expect the Same Great Customer Service!

Woodard will continue to provide both our residential and commercial customers with the top-notch customer service they have come to expect for nearly 70 years. We are extremely excited about this move. As the area’s largest commercial and residential cleaning company, we are always searching for innovative ways to provide the best possible service.

About Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services was founded in 1946 as St. Louis’ first in-home rug and carpet cleaning company, and is now the area’s largest commercial and residential cleaning company for carpet, rugs, furniture, and hard surfaces. With years of experience, Woodard is proud to serve as a preferred provider of water, fire, and smoke restoration services for residential, commercial, and institutional facilities.