Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned

From apartments/condos to homes to businesses, it’s important to hire a professional carpet cleaner in St. Louis. Why you ask? Let’s take a look at the 4 most important reasons why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Our health and wellbeing is more important now than ever with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. And when you have your carpets cleaned by a professional in St. Louis, like Woodard, you’ll be removing allergens that could cause breathing issues and germs that could make you sick. Woodard can also apply a carpet disinfectant after your cleaning if you’d like.

Learn more about the safety precautions Woodard is taking during carpet cleaning due to COVID-19.

Preventative Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can also provide comfort for those wanting to be proactive with their health or the cleanliness of their home. When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, you’re removing dust mites, mold, dirt, and other allergens that are deep in your carpet. Yes, a good vacuuming will help remove some of these things, but vacuuming can’t get deep down to the roots of your carpet.

By having your carpets professionally cleaned you can ensure that dust mites, mold, dirt and allergens never settle deep into your carpeting. As a result, keeping your family safe and healthy and your home clean! It’s a win-win!

Increased Longevity from Carpet Cleaning

If you’re still not convinced that professional carpet cleaning is beneficial, this one might tips the scales for you!

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, this keeps your carpet looking better and won’t require you to replace your carpets for a long time. A professional carpet cleaning is a small investment to make when compare to replacing your carpeting.

Appealing to the Eye & Fresh Scent

One of the best reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a professional in St. Louis, like Woodard, is the look and smell afterwards! Personally speaking, I love having my carpets cleaned. They look wonderful afterwards, my house smells fresh, and I feel like I have my life in order! When my carpets are clean, my whole house feels complete. Plus, when friends or family come over, it’s always nice to welcome them into a fresh and clean home.

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Updated 8/23/2020