Why Use a Rug Pad

why us a rug pad

Area rugs are great for adding a warm, cozy accent to a room.  However, since these area rugs are not secured in place to the sub-floor, they can also move around and slide.  This can be a nuisance as the rug can move over time due to foot traffic, with the homeowner constantly having to put it back in place.  But even more importantly, the sliding floor can pose a fall risk.  So, why use a rug pad? Adding a rug pad, cut a small amount smaller than the dimensions of the area rug so that it does not show, can keep the rug in place.  The added pad underneath the rug can also add cushion, making it more plush and comfortable underfoot.

Proper Padding Keeps Area Rugs from Sliding and Adds Comfort

Rug pads are non-stick with a grippy underside.  This ensures that when placed beneath an area rug, the pad will keep the rug from sliding and shifting out of place.  A rug pad will not only keep the rug in place, but it will also ensure that the area rug stays smooth and wrinkle-free over time.  These pads can be cut to properly fit any size or shape area rug.

An area rug alone can add comfort to hardwood, tile or linoleum flooring.  But few are as plush as carpet.  Placing a pad beneath the area rug can add this additional cushion to make the rug comfortable for not only walking, but also for sitting and relaxing on the floor.  This is particularly important for homes with young children that are often playing on the floor and toddlers learning to walk that may take a tumble.

Rug Pads Absorb Sound, Improving the Acoustics of Your Home

Squeaky floors and constant footsteps are often a given in a busy home.  Area rugs can go a long way to reduce some of the noise associated with this foot traffic. With the additional cushion of a rug pad underneath, even more sound absorption is possible.

Woodard offers rug pads that are custom cut for your area rug.  This ensures that there is no unsightly pad peeking from the edges of your rug, while also making sure that the pad stretches the dimensions of the rug for maximum benefit.

Give us a call today at 314-227-3923 or submit a form online to get a free quote for your custom rug pad. You can also stop by our Rug Care Center at 9308 Manchester Road and talk to our experts about your rug pad needs.


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Updated 5/19/2021