Why Every Property Manager Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

dusting-mirrorPerception may be the most important word when trying to find tenants for a rental property. People’s perceptions frame the way they act and their buying decisions. Your ability to influence the way potential renters view your property may be the most significant factor for finding quality tenants and finding them fast.

It is most likely because you understand the power of making the right impression on target renters that you create quality photographs and videos of your property. It is also why you repaint the home in nice colors and fix all visible damage to the property. It is even why you respond to inquiries promptly and so politely.

The only problem with doing these things is everyone is doing them. After hearing property manager after property manager make the same claims, renters soon stop being impressed by these marketing messages. They know property managers always put their best foot forward when trying to fill vacancies in a property.

But when the tenant eventually rents the home, the reality they encounter is very different from the promises the manager made. This is why the majority of people who call to ask about your rental property or actually visit the home, do so with a healthy dose of skepticism. They are half-expecting to be disappointed by you or the property.

Your prospective tenants want to be impressed but they do not want to be impressed by marketing gimmicks. They want to be impressed with something that offers tangible insights into the way you actually manage the home. When tenants speak to you or survey your rental, what they are silently looking for is an indication of what living in the home will feel like.

The most authentic way to impress potential tenants

The most valid way to make a lasting impression on prospective renters is to simply present them with a home that is impeccably clean and tidy. Nothing quite reveals a property manager’s professionalism, or the lack of it, as to how clean a managed property is. Simply by looking at how clean a home is, potential clients can deduce a lot about the manager.

  • The manager’s concern is for the people who live in the home or who will live in it.
  • How the manager will deal with larger issues in the rental property.
  • How attentive to details the manager is, which is a sign of the level of excellence tenants can expect.

After you have done the usual stuff property managers do to rent a property, the cleaning strategy you adopt can make or break your efforts.

There are three ways you can clean a rental property: you can do it yourself, you can use amateur cleaners, or you can hire a professional cleaning company. The recommended way to clean a rental property for the best overall results is to hire a professional cleaning company, like Woodard Cleaning & Restoration.

Why you need a professional cleaning company

Because you want to run a business

laptop-coffeeYou have to make up your mind if you want to run a business or keep treating yourself like an employee. Running a business means you are managing people and systems. But as an employee, you are focused on tasks.

As a business owner, you should never do things that others can do faster, better, and cheaper. The time you spend on carpet or hard surface cleaning is time take away from more important things.

Because you want a consistent level of excellence

There are two problems with hiring amateur carpet cleaners. Their definition of cleanliness will differ from yours or your tenants’ definition of it. Amateur cleaners do not use a systematic approach and therefore do not have consistent results.

Professional cleaners will clean the home to a standard that exceeds you and your tenants’ expectations. Moreover, they will do this consistently.

Because you want to be more efficient

calender-glassesProfessional cleaners help you reduce vacancy periods. They can dramatically shorten the time between when a rental unit becomes vacant and when it is ready for showing. A professional cleaning company will often have the home ready within twenty-four hours of it becoming vacant. The cleaning company helps you maximize occupancy rates and profits.

Because you want happy tenants

Tenants are reluctant to leave a rental if the home is well-managed. There is always a degree of stress involved in searching for a new place to rent. That is why when tenants find a home they are happy with, they just stay put. A professional cleaning company can encourage your tenants to stay for the long-term by creating the kind of home tenants do not want to leave.

Because you want to cut costs

A professional cleaning service knows how to match the right cleaning solution and method to surfaces and fabrics. Unlike an amateur cleaner who employs a one-size-fits-all approach, professional cleaners vary the way they clean to the different areas of the home. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you slow wear and tear and reduce the cost of maintenance.


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Updated 8/27/2021