What is Windstorm Insurance?

What is Windstorm Insurance

When insuring a home, there are a variety of different coverages that can be included in the policy.  Many of these are critical to ensuring that your home and property are covered in the event of an emergency.  One of these is windstorm insurance.  Some standard homeowner’s insurance policies exclude windstorm insurance unless requested.  This type of coverage will ensure that if your home is damaged by wind or hail during a storm, you will be reimbursed the expenses to repair the property and make any restoration needed.

Types of Damage Covered by Windstorm Insurance

Hail and high winds resulting from a storm can cause significant damage to your property.  This may be in the form of damaged or missing roof shingles, allowing rainwater to enter your home through the roof or walls.  High, damaging winds can also blow out windows.  This causes not only damage in the form of the broken window, but it can also allow water to seep in creating more extensive damage to your property and belongings.  These can occur during a storm with high winds or during a tornado or hurricane.  Coverage often includes damage to the property, as well as any belongings that were affected as a result.

Who Needs Windstorm Insurance

Those living in coastal states are more likely to need windstorm insurance, as they are often at a higher risk for powerful winds and hailstorms.  While some homeowner’s insurance policies include this type of coverage, others do not.  This may need to be added on to your policy to ensure that you are covered if your home is damaged.  For those living on the coast, their homeowner’s insurance policy likely already has this built into the coverage as their property is at a much higher risk for wind damage.

It is certainly worth checking with your insurance agent to be sure that your property is covered in the event of damage from high winds or hail.  If this is not part of your policy, you may want to explore this option more to ensure that your home is fully covered in an emergency.

If your home is damaged by high winds, Woodard offers board-up and roof tarping services.  This will prevent any water from seeping indoors.  Taking quick action after wind damage, to secure the area can minimize the resulting damage and level of restoration needed. Woodard can also provide help in rebuilding your home or business with our construction services.

*Homeowner’s insurance coverage varies from policy to policy. To confirm whether your insurance includes windstorm insurance, you should contact the insurance company directly about your specific policy as policies vary carrier to carrier.

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Updated 7/15/2021