What is the first thing you should do when a stain happens?

Learn what the experts say:

In a busy household, stains are often unavoidable! But if caught early, you might be able to save that beautiful carpet or brand new rug … and get back to your life. Here are some tips to treat an immediate spill.

If you can treat the stain right away:

  • Begin by wicking moisture from carpet. Place a clean white towel over spill and press gently.
  • Repeat with a fresh, dry towel if stain is still evident, blotting continuously.
  • Get towel slightly wet (not dripping). Use water or the cleaning solution recipe below and continue dabbing area covered by spill. (If using the cleaning solution below, first check for color-fastness in an inconspicuous location.)
  • Wet a soft bristle or soft scrub brush and lightly wipe on top of stain, making sure to gently coat as many carpet fibers as possible.
  • After the spot appears to be gone, take a clean, dry towel and blot it on top of wet area of carpet.

Recommended cleaning solution “recipe” (Always check for color-fastness first.)

  • Water
  • Biz brand detergent
  • Dish soap

So what do you do when you’re not able to treat a stain immediately?

For tough or set-in stains, call the experts at Woodard. Request a cleaning estimate today! We’ve treated all types of different spots, and spills! From red wine to coffee spills to even spots left by pets, paint, and a variety of other drinks.

Don’t let spots, spills and stains ruin your busy day (or your floor coverings). Call Woodard any time you need spot cleaning … or just a little free advice!


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