What happens when you don’t clean your carpets regularly?

Between balancing your nine-to-five and your growing family, it’s inevitable that stress affects you in one way or another.

And when you start feeling under the weather, it can be easy to assume your coughing and sneezing are the effects of a summer cold grasping hold of your worn-out immune system.

But the solution to your runny nose may not be an over-the-counter remedy. The problem might actually exist right underneath your feet, tangled in the fibers of the carpet. Without regularly cleaned carpets, the air quality in your home can be up to 500 percent worse than outdoor air quality, due to the dirt and grime hiding in the carpet your family walks on every day. If your carpets go uncleaned, it might be the dirt particles mixing into your air that lead to your sniffles and allergy-like symptoms.

What kind of dirt actually collects in the fibers of your carpets?

The world is a dirty place, and you can’t always leave it at the front door. Dust, dirt and food crumbs are just a few things that could be lurking in your carpet. Those alone threaten the quality of air in your home. Even the skin you naturally shed while walking around the house or sitting on your furniture may attract critters like dust mites, which feed off the dropped particles.

clean carpets

Although they’re not always visible, mites and fleas can also ruin the quality of your carpet. Fleas find carpet a convenient spot to make their home. Pets are often the most likely suspect for fleas, however, they may also wander onto your kids’ clothing or attach to your shoes.

A cause for cleaning

Make sure allergies don’t disrupt your quality of life by getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. Woodard has you covered with cleaning services that can be customized for your convenience! With Woodard’s help, you can worry less about the small things and keep your family happy and healthy.


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