Top 5 Reasons to Support Your Local St. Louis Businesses

1. Keep Your Money in St. Louis

When you make purchases from local businesses, you’re keeping your money close, which is a great way to support your local economy. If you purchase from a company that is headquartered in another state (or country) you’re helping that area prosper instead. By keeping your money local, that generates 3.5 times more wealth for the area! Spending $100 at a local business provides $68 on average in local economic activity, while spending $100 at a non-local corporate business only keeps $48 on average in the local economy. (via Custom Made)

2. Better Customer Service & Quality

When you shop local, you’re more likely to get a better customer experience. The product or quality you receive is better because your local business knows and cares about you – you’re a neighbor, a youth soccer coach, a family friend… If there is an issue with your service, it’s easy to figure out who to contact, because you’re close by – you most likely won’t be redirected to a person at an off-site location thousands of miles away. We’re right here!

When working with local companies, you won’t have to deal with the corporate political structure, or the stringent rules of a franchise. Local companies make their own decisions that will best serve you.

3. Improve the Environment 

A huge benefit to shopping local is that you help to better your own environment! When using a local business, you reduce the impact you and that business have on the environment – there’s less travel needed, less need for overseas shipments or long hauls across the country.

4. Support Local Causes & Positively Impact Your Community

Local businesses tend to support local causes – the causes that are near and dear to your heart. They care about your local community and giving back to local charities. They help make a difference where it matters to you, while keeping your community top of mind.

5. A Piece of St. Louis History 

Woodard has been in Rock Hill since 1946! This is our home and we love to see it grow year after year. We support local charities, participate in community events, help our neighbors in the St. Louis metro area get back to their lives after disasters, and keep as much of our revenue local. We began as a grassroots carpet cleaning company operating out of the back of the Woodard family station wagon, and now operate 4 large facilities, employ over 200 of the most capable people in the industry, and own a fleet of over 100 vehicles. The vast majority of our business partners and vendors are also local companies, not only because we want to support our St. Louis economy, but because we know that some of the very best workmanship and authenticity comes out of our town. We’re proud to be a part of St. Louis history and a contributing member to St. Louis’ economic growth.

This holiday season, be sure to shop local!