Tips for Staying Safe During Tornadoes & Storms

So, your area is currently under a tornado warning or emergency – now what?

Hopefully you’ve already taken the necessary steps to prepare for the tornado or severe weather, but knowing the keys to staying safe during a tornadoes and storms is also essential.

Below, you’ll find an outline of helpful storm safety information; keep it handy this spring.

Know What to Look For

Since tornadoes usually only develop during severe thunderstorms, any instance of lightning, rain, or hail are indicators that you should take cover. Furthermore, you should also look out for:

  • Darkening Skies – Green & Orange Skies are Always Cause for Concern
  • Strong Cloud Rotation
  • Calm or Quiet Conditions Right after a Storm
  • A Continuous Rumble or Roar Sound
  • Loose Debris
  • Broken Power Lines

Stay Informed

When a storm strikes, rely on local radio stations and television channels to keep you up-to-speed with the latest storm developments.  The Greater St. Louis Area offers many local radio stations and news channels to keep you safe and informed.Of course, hearing a tornado siren in your area is the number one indicator to take immediate shelter.

Tornado Watch, Warning & Emergency: Know the Difference

  • Tornado Watches indicate that conditions are right for a tornado to develop in your area. Pay special attention to local weather conditions when your area falls under a tornado watch alert.
  • Tornado Warnings indicate that a tornado, or multiple tornadoes, have been spotted in your area. At the moment a tornado watch is issued in your area, take immediate shelter.
  • A Tornado Emergency indicates that a tornado warning has been issues, and is quickly heading towards a populated area. At the moment a tornado watch is issued in your area, take immediate shelter.

Finding Safe Shelter

Interior Structure (home, office, building, etc.)

Find the most interior room, ideally in the basement (if available). Do not stand by windows, or near anything that could hurt you if lifted by strong winds. The Goal: Put as many walls between yourself and the storm as possible.

Mobile Homes & Trailers

Find the nearest secure structure to take shelter in, as mobile homes and trailers, even when secured down, offer little-to-no protection.

Inside Your Car

If you can, attempt to drive to the nearest secure shelter. If driving is not an option, or there are no secure shelters close by, stay inside your car, duck down, and cover yourself with a blanket. Do not remove your seat belt.

Open Field

Duck as closely as you can to the ground and cover your head. Do not hide under a bridge or overpass, and watch out for flying debris.

Remember: Never leave your shelter until you are 100% sure that the storm has left your area.


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Updated 6/15/2016