The Damage Wax Can Do To Your Tile

Our hard surface expert, Daryl Smith, had his skills put to the test this past week.

Daryl was asked to clean the tile flooring in a customer’s home. This customer has been using a generic wax cleaning product to clean their floor every month for the last 20 years. This is a picture of their floor before he began to clean.

In our Hard Surface Care Tips blog, we discuss the proper methods for care and cleaning your hard surfaces. We mention to not use products that say they will provide added shine to your surfaces. These products typically contain a wax-like substance that builds up over time by putting thin layers of wax on top of each other each time you use the product. After a while, these layers will cause a darkened, dirty appearance to your hard surfaces and will need to be completely stripped off in order to restore your surface to its natural appearance. Which is exactly what we had to do with this customers tile.

In order to restore the tile to its original beautiful appearance, Daryl stripped the surface of the tile. Once the surface was free of wax buildup, Daryl was then able to begin on cleaning the tile and bring the entire floor back to life!