Teamwork: Helping You Get Back To Your Life

When catastrophe hits our community, it’s our job to be there for you when you need it most.

Our emergency crews are quickly dispatched to help, no matter the time of day. And when a job is as devastating as the recent flooding in St. Louis, even our emergency crews need a little extra support. That’s where people like me come into play! Not only do our technicians get to work to help our customers get back to their lives, but our office support staff jumps in too! We run an all-hands-on-deck approach to emergency situations, which is what moved me from our normal office in Rock Hill to the building of a client in need in Kirkwood, MO.

Starting on January 4th,  I became an admin on site at one of our commercial customers who sustained about 2 feet of water throughout their entire facility. Thanks to some expert training by one of our Claims Management staff, I was able to swap my Marketing Coordinator hat for this Admin position relatively easily. Thanks, Megan! As admin on site, I was required to keep record of everyone who was on site and their time worked, all materials and equipment used, making phone calls to arrange additional equipment drop-offs, and anything our production team needed to ensure everything on site ran smoothly.

Our production team began their restoration services by disposing of all loose items in the building, per our customer’s request – this included boxes of paperwork, desk chairs, desks, and books. Everything that the water touched had to go! They then ripped out the drywall a few inches above the water line and pulled up all carpet. And just like that, the office area was completely gutted!  After the office was cleaned up and ready to be rebuilt, our crews moved into the warehouse area, cleaning and sanitizing the concrete floors, disposing of items requested by building owner, and drying out the entire facility.

I really valued being able to experience a completely different job at Woodard, especially during such tragedy. I was able to go out on site for days at a time and see the amazing work that our crews accomplish. Not only did this experience make me more appreciative of our crews and their hard work, but seeing them work so quickly and efficiently to get this business cleaned up and dried out for the rebuilding process was astonishing!

Over the last few weeks I have been amazed by how quickly Woodard came together as a team and worked together to help those affected by the flood get back to their lives. I don’t think there was  a single staff member that didn’t step up and help out, working long hours or extra days to pick up a job they don’t normally do.

I am so proud of everyone who works for Woodard. When we all come together the things we accomplish are unbelievable.