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When life without water sends you into survival mode …

Burst pipes can bring on sudden disaster, or a slow, subtle leak resulting in extensive damage. Even if you take care of your home, pipes can burst for many reasons — old age, lack of protection, rust, freezing weather or a single misuse. Regardless of why it breaks, a burst pipe can cause a minor inconvenience — or if part of your main water system, require a full evacuation.

Once you have had the source of the water leak repaired by a third party, Woodard will send certified professionals — whenever you need them — to assess damage and provide an appropriate water damage solution. We will work diligently to complete all water damage cleanup, dry-out, and repair services thoroughly and quickly to get your home back to normal.

Why you should address burst pipes immediately

If a burst pipe is merely causing a small leak, you may not be inclined to fix it right away. But the cost of replacing the broken pipe is a fraction of the cost you could incur from putting off the repair. If you wait, you could also face possible:

  • Structural damage from the leaking water.
  • Damage to drywall and/or mold growth from a leaky pipe in the ceiling or floor that wasn’t noticeable right away.
  • Damage to other parts of your plumbing from a growing crack.

With burst pipes, you may also want to consider Woodard’s mold removal, rug cleaning or hard surface care.

Rest easy with expert insurance support

From filling out paperwork to settling your claim, Woodard will assist you with the insurance process.

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Our specially trained technicians will inspect, contain and remediate mold — leaving you in the comfort and safety of a healthier home.

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