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Bathtub overflow cleanup for reclaiming your serenity

Often a sanctuary where you unwind and relax, your bathtub can suddenly become a big problem when it overflows. Aside from creating a mess, it can lead to slips or falls and water damage to your floors and walls. Without proper bathtub overflow cleanup and drying of the space, you could end up with other problems, including:

  • growth of mold and unhealthy living conditions,
  • rotting wood and weakened structures and
  • unpleasant, lingering odors.

When your bathtub flows over — even in the middle of the night — Woodard’s licensed professionals can provide overflow cleanup that leaves your bathroom completely dry and sanitary. If repairs to plumbing are needed to stop the overflow, a third party should be contacted to make the repair before Woodard can start the cleanup and restoration process.

With Woodard’s bathtub overflow cleanup, expect:

  • 24-hour emergency water extraction and cleanup
  • direct communication with, and billing through, your insurance
  • Woodard-owned state-of-the-art equipment, including turbo dryers
  • Complete and thorough structural drying prior to restoration services
  • Professional customer care with seamless, steady communication

Your satisfaction, guaranteed

When your bathtub overflows, you may also need Woodard’s carpet cleaning or rug cleaning services.

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Our specially trained technicians will inspect, contain and remediate mold — leaving you in the comfort and safety of a healthier home.

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