Life is good when your home is clean.

Spotless … everything in place … smelling fresh. That describes your happy place.

Welcome home. There's no other place like it.

Rely on Woodard to keep your carpet clean, fresh and safe for every member of the family. Our St. Louis home cleaning services address every area of your home to provide you with the spotless, happy home you deserve.

Preserve more than just your rugs.

Your great aunt’s heirloom rug has a story to tell for years to come. Not just anyone can care for it — it must be someone you trust. With more than 7-years of experience, Woodard will protect your rug with care.

Protect like Grandma did — without the crinkly plastic seat covers.

When your favorite carpets, rugs and upholstery hold up for years without a spot or stain in sight, you know Grandma would be proud. Our 12-step home cleaning process is customized to restore value to your unique furnishings.

Managing a home isn’t a job for just anyone.

Home care is easier when you have a team of professionals you can rely on. Our team understands the value of your home and is invested in keeping it in top shape.

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Create a happier, healthier environment with carpets, rugs, furniture and hard surfaces that are clean and mess-free. Request a St. Louis home cleaning estimate.

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