Oriental Rug Fringe Repair

Just as with antique collectibles, Oriental rugs are pieces that grow in value each passing year.

With a few basic sewing skills and know-how, you can repair your Oriental carpet fringe on your own to keep this asset looking like a show piece.

Your fringe lies directly on your floor, exposing it to wear, tear and knotting from shoes, furniture, pets, dust and the like. Because your fringe isn’t supported by the firm structure of the rest of the rug, it’s prone to soiling, unraveling and wear much more quickly than the rug itself. These threads can also become detached from the body of the piece. In many cases, a damaged fringe can be replaced or repaired without consulting professional help. If you’re inexperienced in the sewing department or have any doubts, call in the pros and save yourself the heartache of any permanent damage caused by a foiled amateur attempt.

Purchase Matching Replacement Threads

A few yards of fringe can be purchased from a fabric store such as Hancock Fabrics for minimal cost. Snip off a small piece of fringe or bring a sample of any detached threads with you to the store to ensure a close match. Fringe comes pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about cutting and sizing hundreds of pieces. If your damaged area is small, you may be able to get away with repairing that section only. As you can imagine though, your repaired fringe is then going to look beautiful and new, making your existing threads look even worse for the wear. Consider repairing the entire length of it, or have your rug professionally cleaned and protected after repairing the small patch so the entire piece looks beautiful and new again. Regardless of spot-repair or the whole piece, always buy a few more inches than you think you’ll need and save yourself the inevitable return trip to the store. Remember, if you’re indecisive about which threads to purchase or have any questions, professionals at the fabric store are there to help you make an informed decision.

Easy Steps for Repair

First, sew a blanket stitch along the damaged area. A blanket stitch works in a loop pattern along the border of the material. Use a heavy waxed thread and thick needle to sew along the edge of the piece to reinforce the integrity of the border and keep it from unraveling.

Pin your new replacement fringe on top of the base of the existing fringe. Do not cut away your old fringe, as much as you may want to remove it. Cutting away old threads will simply lessen the integrity of the new pieces you’re sewing. Use the existing threads as a base from which to sew in your replacement fringe. Allow at least an extra inch of new fringe to extend beyond your existing threads. Next, fold the overlapping ends of your new fringe under the rug to form a secure border and pin these threads neatly in place. Using your trusty needle and waxed thread, hand-sew the new fringe to the base of the existing fringe, covering the old fringe entirely. Using a double-stitch, sew the overlapping ends of the new replacement threads to the underside of your rug.

There are many online tutorials that will help you perfect the stiches required to complete this project. Do your homework first before beginning to ensure an outcome that you can be proud of. Fringe fixes from home can save you the expense of employing a professional. If you have any doubts about your sewing skills or simply don’t have the time, there are a number of industry pros that will take excellent care of your collectible rug. Check out additional posts for more help from the experts on Oriental rug care, cleaning and repair.

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Updated 4/26/2015