Pet Odor Removal: Decon Tanks!

FINALLY – the invention we’ve all been waiting for has finally landed in our rug plant!

We are thrilled to now be able to offer decontamination services for the soiled rugs that many pet owners have. You know the type – the ones sitting on top of your easier-to-clean hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, that your pet just-so-happens to make a mess on instead of choosing the nice, open, and easy-to-clean space a couple feet away? Yes, those. Fret no more – we are here to help! In addition to being able to clean your rugs as completely as possible, we can now tackle pet odors that seemed impossible to combat previously.

“You’ve caught my attention, but I just don’t quite believe this is possible.”

We understand your hesitation. Pet odors seem to linger, no matter how hard you fight! Well, here’s the process we use, followed by our guarantee…

Your rug(s) will be placed individually in one of our 5×9 decontamination tanks which contain a cold-water solution including a natural enzyme that digests and breaks down urine residue as well as a counteractant that deodorizes and cleans the rug. Our expert technicians will determine the length of time your rug will stay in the tank by carefully assessing its type and dye contents to minimize the risk of color migration. After your rug soaks as long as necessary, it will then be removed, rinsed, and cleaned. Our most successful outcomes are with rugs that we’re able to clean with our MOR machine after decontamination. However, whether yours can be cleaned through the MOR or needs to be hand-cleaned, we do have a process to clean as many times as possible in order to get it as clean as it’s going to get. 

The cost of this additional service is only $2 per square foot, and comes with a guarantee that your odor will not remain*, or you won’t pay for the process at all! 

How’s that for convincing?!

Poof! Pet odors be GONE!