John Sadl Award Winner – Amir Smajic

amir john sadl award

John Sadl Award Winner 2020

It’s that time of year again, where we nominate, vote and award our coveted John Sadl Award!

John Sadl was a valued and beloved team member, husband, father, and a friend. In February 2012, John died tragically in a snow skiing accident. John had an intense drive to learn, grow, and serve. He was not one to stand around and accept the status quo. Instead, he regularly stepped in when a situation wasn’t living up to his high expectations and did something productive to help.

Woodard awards one team member each year who lives our Core Values (even when no one is looking), just as John did. We recognize a person who mirrored the caring and compassion with which John served his family and friends, as well as someone with John’s intensity and curiosity to learn and grow, every day.

In order to be considered for the John Sadl Award, one must first be nominated by their co-workers. Once all nominees have been submitted, our Executive Team narrows it down to a handful of finalists. Each finalist is shared with the company, including a summary of all of their nominations. The final decision is then turned back over to the company. Each team member then had the opportunity to vote for one finalist they felt was most deserving of the John Sadl Award.

And the winner is….Amir Smajic!

His nomination read:

Amir is one of the hardest working people at Woodard. On the job, he is all business and all about getting the best results for our customers. Jobs that look large and overwhelming, Amir looks at it and says, “It’s not that bad, we got this!” He works quite often with Earl. SO often, he is probably the only person at Woodard that can get away with calling Earl, “Bucky”! Earl says that Amir’s famous line when they arrive at a job is, “let’s do this!”

Amir is always willing to volunteer to take on extra work after hours and on weekends. He is one of our specialist in marble and VCT cleaning. He is also one of our go to people for specialty fabrics and textiles. Amir always portrays a positive and confident attitude. He has been doing such a good job for such a long time that there is a long list of Residential and Commercial customers that will only accept Amir to perform work for them. Amir is one of the best that Woodard has to offer. A great Employee and friend for us at work and a great husband and father for his family at home.

Amir never shys away from a job and is not afraid to learn anything. He is one of the most reliable guys you will ever worked with. If there is a new product or piece of equipment, he is the go-to guy to try it out and experiment. Amir always provides great feedback. Amir will change his hours to take care of a customer and always provides consistent, amazing service.

Amir is a real team player, you can count on him, no matter what the circumstances. He is a great role model and example for all of us and very deserving of the John Sadl Award.


Thank you, Amir, for your hard work, knowledge, and constant dedication to our customers, team, and Woodard.

On behalf of everyone here at Woodard – Congratulations, Amir!