Is It Time to Replace the Carpet in Your Facility?

Unlike wine and cheese, not everything gets better with age. This is often the case with carpet.

Where carpet is concerned–whether it’s at your home, place of business or property–the more wear and tear it endures, the sooner it will be time for you to get rid of it. But there is no reason why replacing the carpet at your office, facility or property has to be extremely difficult.

Yes, replacing your facility’s carpet can be a daunting task, but here are a few tips to make it just a little bit easier. Let’s explore the 4 “Cs” to replacing your facility’s carpet.


Before you even get to the carpet removal, you must first make sure that it is clean. Not doing so can contribute greatly to airborne pollutants that can lead to health complaints from your employees, tenants, or occupants. Vacuuming is key and using a high-efficiency filtered vacuum is best.


Now that the old carpet has been cleaned, it’s time to coordinate with all of the key players in your carpet replacement plan. This may include a contractor or flooring installer, and is important because it will minimize disruptions to your employees, tenants, or occupants. It also enables the team to find the most efficient and quickest methods of replacement.

Check it Out

Once the carpet has been removed–preferably by a hired professional–it is important to determine if the substrate is able to support new flooring materials. Often, the type of adhesive that was used to lay the old carpet over time will cause damage to the floors underneath. It could end up costing more money than budgeted. It can also pose a health risk if the floor underneath was old vinyl tiles covered with asbestos, which is common. Identifying the type of adhesive that was used is crucial in the carpet replacement process.

Once the adhesive has been successfully removed, check any exposed concrete for moisture. Moisture can also greatly jeopardize new carpet installation.

Commercial Maintenance

One great tip for commercial carpet upkeep is implementing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance program. Brand new carpet is healthier and aesthetically pleasing at first, but without regular carpet cleaning and maintenance from a professional company, it will not stay that way for long. The best way to stay one step ahead is to establish a carpet maintenance program before the carpet is even installed. If you don’t, then you are defeating the purpose of carpet replacement.

How Woodard Can Help

Did you know that Woodard is St. Louis‘ largest commercial and residential carpet cleaning company and has been in business for more than 68 years? Our commercial carpet cleaning programs are 100% customizable to match your needs and our 24/7 service means we will never have to disrupt your job to do our job. Contact your Woodard Account Manager to set up a personalized carpet cleaning consultation today!


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Updated 3/28/2016