How to Utilize Vacuum Cleaner Attachments to Keep Your Home Office Clean

How to Utilize Vacuum Cleaner Attachments to Keep Your Home Office Clean

For many of us, a home office is a new development. Apart from perhaps occasionally perching on the sofa with a laptop, commuting to a company office was the norm. With the global pandemic, however, has come a rise in remote working that looks like it’s here to stay for plenty of employees.

One of the downsides to having an office at home is the need to keep on top of the cleaning. Whilst you’re working hard, dust is gathering on your computer equipment and the surfaces.

Luckily, modern vacuum cleaners come armed with an array of attachment options to make keeping your home office clean as easy as possible, so that you can focus on your work. Every vacuum is different, so it’s important to check out the latest reviews and make sure that you invest in a good-quality one that suits your needs.

Why not try doing these tasks in order to take a break from your screen?

Crevice tool

As the name suggests, this tool is helpful for getting into small spaces. As you’ll likely need to weave your way around a desk in your home office, it will be a good tool to have in your collection. A line of dust can build up between the desk or drawers and the floor surface, so make sure that you’re regularly vacuuming here. Every so often, as part of your full home office cleaning routine, make sure to move the desk and fully clean the floor underneath.

Keeping the desk clean as well as computer equipment is vital, as research by Charles Gerba found that the area in front of the keyboard contains up to 10 million instances of bacteria, as we rest our hands there. The keyboard itself can also harbour harmful germs, so use the crevice tool to vacuum up any crumbs or dust that will gather between the keys.

Dusting Brush

Using a soft dusting brush can be a good starting point when it comes to cleaning your desk. Depending on the condition and material of your desk, you might not want to risk scratching it with a flat tool, but simply wiping it with a damp cloth results in pushing wet fluff around.

This is where the dusting brush comes in handy, for an initial clean before you then wipe over your desk and keyboard using antibacterial spray. The dusting brush is also handy for cleaning the more delicate items on your desk, such as picture frames or laptop screens. The long, soft bristles of this attachment will remove dust from surfaces whilst also protecting them from scratching.

Extension Wand

Whilst it can be tempting to leave the corner crevices and blinds alone, as they are often awkward and fiddly to clean, an extension wand can make it easier. Combining the wand with the crevice tool, for example, can allow you to grab those cobwebs that are lurking in the corners, or vacuum around the top of your door frame. Doing this will ensure that dust and dirt don’t build up in these areas, which is good for both your health and keeping the paintwork looking tidy, rather than grubby.

You should also combine the wand with the dusting brush, especially if you have wallpaper that might get damaged by a hard crevice tool. You can also use this combination on the blinds in the office, as a surprisingly large amount of dust collects on the slats, which then flicks into the air once you close the blinds.

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Updated 12/13/2021