How to Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing

How to Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing

Prevention is very important to keep water pipes from freezing in the wintertime.  Once water pipes are frozen the damage is often already done, bursting and flooding your home, business, or commercial property.  One of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening is by insulating water pipes.  Wrapping pipes that are most susceptible, including those in an attic, a crawl space and along external walls can go a long way to preventing freezing as the temperatures drop.

To insulate your pipes, wrap them with a foam rubber or fiberglass sleeve that is designed specifically for this purpose.  This insulation will help to keep the outside of the pipe the same temperature as the water flowing through, preventing freezing.  Heat tape can also be installed around the pipes that are most vulnerable.  This tape draws electricity from an outlet to warm the pipe automatically as the surrounding temperatures drop.  If you have had problems before with a particular area, heat tape may be a good solution.

Check for Leaks and Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Small leaks in outside walls or windows can allow cold air to seep into the home or business.  This can create a cold pocket, leaving nearby pipes vulnerable to freezing.  Some of the most common areas for this type of leakage include around electrical wiring, dryer vents and external pipes coming into the home.  Caulking or insulating these leaks can keep the cold air out and the warm air in, reducing the risk of frozen pipes.

It can be tempting in the wintertime to turn the heat down overnight.  However, this can leave your pipes vulnerable as the temperatures outdoors and indoors drop simultaneously.  The same is true when the house, business or commercial property is empty.  Keeping it at a consistent temperature throughout the winter will help to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.

Reduced Water Flow May Mean Ice is Beginning to Form

The first indication that ice is starting to form in your water lines is a reduced flow of water pressure.  If this happens, you will want to increase the temperature immediately.  You can position fans to blow the heat into colder rooms and open closets and cabinet doors to allow the heat to reach all areas.  You can also let the water continuously run with a slow trickle in the faucet to prevent frozen pipes.

If your pipes do freeze during the winter months, we have an article that will offer some guidance into what to do to minimize damage when thawing frozen pipes.

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Updated 12/9/2021