How to Keep Your Pets Happy and Your Furniture Safe!

We all love our pets. Unfortunately, they can sometimes make maintaining furniture a bit complicated.

This practical guide will help you keep your pets happy and your furniture safe!


Many dogs (especially puppies) like to chew on furniture (and just about everything else they can find.) Consistent training is the best way to deal with this problem. If your dog continues chewing, it is probably caused by boredom or nervousness. Give you dog lots of attention and provide interesting toys to help with boredom. In situations that might be stressful for your dog, do your best to act reassuring, and if necessary keep him away from furniture until he calms down.

Cats, on the other hand, claw furniture because of a real necessity to care for their paws. All cat owners should invest in a scratching post to provide a healthy, safe alternative to clawing the furniture.


Allowing your pets to sit on your furniture means you will need to make an extra effort to keep your furniture looking (and smelling) like new.

Shedding can leave lots of loose hair lying around. What´s more, even the cleanest pets carry natural oils in their fur that will rub off on your furniture. From your pets is by covering the area your pet will be sitting on. Plastic covers work great, but a comfier and more ascetically pleasing option might be a washable pet pillow or even a special blanket.

Whether you cover your furniture or not, all pet owners should perform normal cleaning and maintenance for their furniture. For some, it may be necessary to clean more often and more thoroughly.

Cleaning up accidents

Unfortunately, even the most well trained pets can sometimes have accidents. Urine, feces, and vomit can be tricky to clean up. The key to treating these accidents is a quick response. Lift any solid material with a scrapping motion, and then blot the affected area with a damp towel. Afterwards, treat the affected area with a specialized odor neutralizing cleaner (found in most pet stores) being careful to follow the instructions that come with the cleaner.