How to Elevate Your Living Space with Small Home Upgrades

small home upgrades

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own home, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. After years of living in the same space, it can be a challenge to think of new ways to spruce up your home, and give it that extra appeal. On the other hand, if you’ve recently moved into a new house, deciding what you can do to upgrade it and make it feel like home can quickly become overwhelming as you get used to a new environment and start the entire process from scratch.

One way you can elevate your living space is by starting simple, and making small home upgrades. These can be anything from a new paint job to some new decor. Whatever option you choose, it’s important to ensure it will be something that will make your home feel like a warm and welcoming environment.

Here are some tips to consider when planning to use small upgrades to elevate your space:

Plan Ahead

In order to upgrade your home efficiently, decide what specific upgrades you’d like to move forward with. This can be done by creating a photo board or Pinterest page to compile several visuals of inspiration. Knowing what aesthetic or upgrade you want to make will help you define exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve from your project.

If you plan to work with friends, family, or a professional to elevate your home’s space, the planning process can come in handy when it comes time to share your ideas and give them a representation of the goals you have in mind.

Evaluate Your Finances

Once you’ve decided what home upgrade you want for your space, determine how you want to approach the costs. One way to establish an effective financial plan is through setting a budget to reflect the maximum amount you’ll put aside to fund your home upgrade.

When setting your budget, start by breaking things down into categories, such as costs of material, labor you expect to pay for, and so on. Once you determine the areas where you know you’ll spend money, look into how much on average every aspect will cost you. Before making any decisions, this will give you a preview into the amount of money you’ll allocate toward the project.

The budgeting stage is also a great way to determine what type of financing options you plan to use. This can change depending on the size and scope of your project. Depending on your financial status, a credit card can be helpful for those who are unable to pay for materials upfront. The process of applying for a personal line of credit is an additional avenue to explore as well. A personal line of credit gives you a set amount of cash you can take out over a certain period of time. Although they are similar, there are many differences between the two, so comparing a personal line of credit vs. credit cards can give you better insight into the financing option that’s going to be most helpful for your home improvement project.

Add A Splash of Color

The color scheme of your home’s interior can be a big factor to consider when you’re trying to elevate your living space. The color will set the tone and pull together features like your decorations and furniture. Along with that, it can change the appearance of other rooms in your house, such as the look of the cabinets in your kitchen or the f light fixtures around your home. A new paint job seems like something that is a simple change, but depending on the shade, it can be just the thing you need to help elevate your space.

When deciding the color, use the rule of threes as a guide. This rule says that you should first decide on a primary color, then pick two complementary colors that fit with the primary color. For example, going with a medium grey as your base layer, then adding orange and dark green as complementary colors can be seen as a great application of this rule. Ideally, choose colors that you think will make your space fit the vibe that you enjoy most and make you feel at home.

Finally, remember that if you have a smaller space that’s on the darker side theme wise, picking a brighter color; something opposite of what you’re used to can be a great option if you’re looking for something different. If you currently have a larger, brighter space, it’s possible to complement that with some darker colors to create a perfect balance.

Choose an Aesthetic

Home designs can vary between different aesthetics and looks. Some people prefer a more modern, contemporary look to their home space, while others may want something more rustic and industrial. If you choose to elevate your space through choosing an entirely new look, there are two vital details to consider.

Start by comparing your preferred aesthetic to the structure of your home. Through this comparison, you can determine if the look would fit with the shapes, styles and build of

your home. Some houses might have a very specific layout or a non-traditional design element, such as extra-large windows, or bright carpeted floors, so analyzing this with potential new ideas for your aesthetic can give you the opportunity to cross off, or change anything you may think would look out of place. Others might have hardwood floors and a more eclectic look that would go well with rustic style decor too. Whether you’re trying to complement what you already have design wise, or change it, it’s always smart to establish a concise plan and goal.

No matter what design you decide to go with, make sure that it’s something that you’re going to enjoy living in and that it helps make your house feel like a home.

Keep Your Space Clean

Finally, remember that sometimes the key to elevating your space can be as simple as keeping your home clean. Schedule some time in your week to go through and organize your closets and storage areas, pick up clutter, and tidy up the small decor here and there.

If you want to give your home a deeper clean, hire a cleaning professional to wash your rugs and give your upholstery a refresh. While it may feel as though a quick cleaning with a vacuum is enough to get the job done, there are also times when you could make use of these services to ensure your house is spotless. For example, if you have stains you can’t get rid of, professional cleaners can help by performing a full steam cleaning that will remove those stains for good.

By taking the time to plan out your home upgrades, choosing a color scheme, and keeping your space clean, you’ll be able to take your home and interior design to the next level. Doing this can help make your house look and feel like a more comfortable place to live in, and impress guests who visit as well.


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Updated 10/29/2021