How to Clean Washing Machines

how to clean washing machines

You may not realize that, just like everything else, your washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly. If you neglect this important task, your washing machine can develop an odor over time. This can then transfer to your clean clothes, leaving them smelling less than fresh.

Beyond the dirty laundry that the washing machine regularly sees, these smells come from a combination of dirt building up, hard-water minerals and mold or mildew growing inside the washer. Regularly cleaning your washing machine will go a long way to eliminating these contaminants, leaving the machine odor-free and keeping your clothes clean and smelling fresh.

How to Clean Washing Machine Front Loader

A front load washing machine’s door and gasket are notorious for collecting dirt and creating optimal conditions for mold and mildew to grow. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning the area, spraying it with white vinegar and then wiping it down with a cloth.

For a deeper cleaning of the entire machine, set the washer to the hottest water temperature setting. Instead of laundry detergent, add two cups of white vinegar. Allow the washer to run through the entire cycle. You should then run the washer again on the hottest setting, adding ½ cup of baking soda. This will eliminate any mold growth or odor from the machine.

How to Clean Washing Machine Top Loader

The process for cleaning a top-loading washer is similar to the front-load variety. However, you will instead add four cups of vinegar and allow it to sit and soak in the full machine for one hour. When running the washer a second time, add 1 cup of baking soda for top-loading machines.

It is important to regularly clean your washing machine to keep it operating well. Equally important, is the ability for the machine to fully dry between wash cycles. This will go a long way to inhibiting mold growth in the washer. Leaving the door or lid open when the washer is not in use will ensure that it has a chance to properly dry.

Being diligent about regularly cleaning your washing machine will ensure that mold and mildew has no opportunity to develop and that your clothes will always come out of the wash clean and smelling great.


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Updated 5/27/2021