How to Clean the Kitchen Garbage Disposal

We love garbage disposals as much as you do; they’re handy, powerful, and super convenient.

how to clean the garbage disposal

Think about everything that gets tossed down the drain for your garbage disposal to dispose of: leftover food, scraps from cutting up fruits and veggies, dirty water from the mop bucket… shall we go on? Now, it may seem like your garbage disposal should be self-cleaning, but the truth is, it isn’t. After a while, garbage disposals start to take on all of the smells that are thrown their way, leaving you with a fresh aroma of last night’s mashed potatoes with a hint of vinegar. Yum? We didn’t think so either. Here’s the scoop: in order to remove the stink from your sink, you’ve got to know how to clean the garbage disposal. Now, don’t panic, this doesn’t require a phone call to your plumber, or even a trip to the hardware store – all you’ll need is some elbow grease, and a couple of all-natural cleaning products (lemon and baking soda), and five spare minutes. Let’s get started!

Step #1: Eliminate Odors with Baking Soda

When it comes to cleaning, we aren’t shy about our love of baking soda. It’s a main ingredient in dozens of homemade cleaning products, and works wonders on removing stains and restoring shine! With that being said, the first step to removing the stink from your kitchen sink is to pour two tablespoons of baking soda down your garbage disposal – that’s is.

Why Do This?

Well, baking soda is a sodium bicarbonate, which means it naturally maintains pH balances, and neutralizes both acids and bases to eliminate odors completely, rather than just covering them up.

Step #2: Amplify the Odor Eliminating Power with Lemon

So, you’ve completed step one – great! Step two involves a lemon and your microwave (and, no, we’re not making tea). Simply microwave a lemon for 10 seconds, then squeeze the freshly warmed juice down your disposal.

Why Do This?

Lemon juice is highly-acidic, which means it will react beautifully with the baking soda you just poured down your disposal. Combining the two, and allowing them to sit for about five minutes, will cause an intense fizzy reaction.

Step #3: “Dispose” of the Lemon

Don’t toss that lemon you just used in step two – you’re going to need it for step three! Cut the lemon you used into quarters, then, turn on the cold water and the disposal at the same time. With both the disposal on and the cold water running, go ahead and drop the quartered lemon rind into the disposal. Let it run for about a minute. Note: It is always a good idea to run water while using your garbage disposal, and to keep it running for a few seconds after shutting it off.

Why Do This?

Tossing the lemon rind down your garbage disposal is the icing on the cake! Now, your disposal is grinding and mixing the lemon, lemon juice, cold water, and baking soda together, forcing it down your piping system, eliminating odors at the source.


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